1. 009

    Krillin Multi Disc

    In the frizar saga, krillin used multi disc's against frizar... i thought if you could so you make a larg disc with left mouse button as it is now... and right mouse button to make many small disc's... with charging of course.. so they work like vegeta fast ki blast attack.... some thin glike...
  2. T

    Disc Catch

    I think as a new ability. You should be able to catch the distruco disk or Frieza disc. I mean as in if your the one being aimed at. Like how gohan caught Cell's Destruco disks in The Cell Games. Because it'd be cool if you could do that. Now I'm not positive if you can do this or not but...
  3. M

    i lost my half-life disc

    i lost my half-life disc could som1 send me a copy thats downloadable :D
  4. .Maze

    Destructo Disc Swating

    Well i recently watched DBZ episode where Gohan SSJ2 fights cell. and he catched the Destructo Discs. When you alot more powerfull or an Transform Stage ahead(ESF 1.3?) then you should be able to catch or swat them away. Thats it
  5. I

    Distructdo Dics Or Frieza Disc Splitting Beams

    Plain and simple make the Distructdo Disc be able to split beams, Possibly in half. Thanks
  6. I

    Distructdo Disc Splitting beams

    Plain and simple make the Distructdo Disc be able to split beams, Possibly in half.
  7. (SS2S) Kakorot

    You should be able to do the distructo disc split up like on the series

    You know on the series, when krillin is fighting Frieza when friezas only second transformation, he fires one distructo disc and it splits up into three, you should be able to do that, so if one misse, you still have a chancewith the other 2 e.t.c... that would be so much cooler, and i also...
  8. Shuyin

    Frieza Disc Edit

    (frieza disc references) Ok, ive never done any sprites before but i thought i'd give it a try at editting the current frieza disc to make it more like the show. It's not great, but any tips to make it better would be good. Or if you can make a better one post it :P
  9. C

    disc doesn't do damage on trees

    aren't discs supposed to destroy trees?
  10. Yazuken

    Frieza's disc need more control.

    I dont think the game gives you enough control over frieza's disc. When you try to direct the things they bearly move. Also, It would be cool if you could make the disc move backwards without having it come all the way to you. Like once you make it come back, its stuck coming back to you, and...
  11. imkongkong

    Instant transmission, submission, disc immunity, special attributes

    Random suggestions, thought would add more flavor to the game. Post thoughts. Goku Instant Transmission I think in order to make ESF more close to the series, instant transmission should be in for Goku. In order to keep instant transmission (IT) from being spammed, it would take up about...
  12. N

    Burning & disc info of Half-life

    I know i'm not known here at all, but a friend called me the other day and said "Hey man you gotta check this game out!" so, I ran up to walmart at 9:30 and grabbed the Plat edition since it was the only one they had. A few questions. 1. Would it be legal if I burned this game to a CD since...
  13. FreeDoM

    Destructo Disc Fix for Beta1.1

    I noticed a lot of people had the destructo disc crash. This fix was suppost to be in the installer but for some reason it didn't make it. Basically what happens is, if you use a certain loop technique the loop itself crashes HL ONLY if it's in 22050Hz. The way around this is to convert that...
  14. V

    following frieza disc

    Fully charged frieza disc should follow enemy until hit something.but if disc isnt fully charged it wouldnt follow target.if disc hit that who maked disc , he should die.like frieza in frieza saga.and you could charged up to two disc insted of only one. what do you fink about this idea?
  15. V

    survive the disc

    Piccolo and Cell should survive the disc.because the can regenerate their cells.but they should lose all ki(not powerlevel)and lose control for few seconds after they been hitted bi disc.disc shouldn't do any damage. what do ya think?
  16. W

    frieza's disc

    here my suggestion: in the show frieza controlled an very agile disc wich was able to change the direction fast and fly as fast as ssjgoku. to make that it should be better to control the disc with wasd, jumping and ducking.holding primary attack could let the disc fly forward, away from you...
  17. J

    destructo disc crashing bug

    i had that problem of a fully charged DD crashing the server too. But when i changed the sound of the dd charge i didnt have any prob with the disc. only that it stayed on the edge of the map but i guess everybody has the prob.
  18. imkongkong

    disc block struggling

    usually anything that touches a disc would be cut off right? well in the cell saga gohan was able to deflect two disc thrown by cell.. wut if it was possible to deflect disc? you would have to be considerably more powerful than the opponent in order to do this..maybe as much as a transformation...
  19. shadow_wolf

    I think cell should get finger laser instead of disc

    U never see him used Frieza Disc in the show but i do remeber him going to use finger laser when im not totally sure but somebody warned another chracter saying like WATCH OUT THATS THE TECHNIQUE FRIEZA USED or something of the sort and cell is already has so many moves and give him a 1 hit KO...
  20. PiXel

    disc new disc

    i was bored but enjoy it ^^ critz? here http://www.freewebs.com/tryforce/german_boydisc.zip i made it my self critz?? :smile: