1. Midgaard

    The Disc must die !!!!!!!

    ok maybe a view other people may have asked this from u but i cant take it any longer .... the game makes lot of fun, it's great, it's fantastic .. till those disc f*ckers show up. im terrible sorry but the disc sucks extremly . if u look at the score ...... good players 30 - 40 frags...
  2. K

    The Disc

    Any time I pick Cell or Frieza, naturally I use the disc on stationary targets. However, whenever I do this, everyone begins complaining and whining about how its unfair, cheap, blah blah blah..... it's in the game, deal with it. People that whine about the disc are like the newbies in CS...
  3. C

    bug with the disc

    when i fired the disc with frieza and recalled it i press fired before it got to me and it just started to circle around my head and following me. When i let go of the fire button i held the disc again. I know it is a minor bug but hey its still a bug.
  4. G

    Gohan and Krillins Speed!

    Have you noticed that Gohan and Krillin are the slowest people in the game! I think that since they are smaller they should be faster. Also in the show Gohan is faster than most of the characters.