1. Denz

    New frieza disc I will make!

    Just tell me how to look or post a pic of disc and I will do my thing! (can make it like star,cube,anything)
  2. P

    Krillans Disc

    Krillan's disk if u press right click u will do the disk but it will split to two while in the air and have little homeing?
  3. SteveoDBGT


    Is there any fix or patches for when Friezas or Krillins Disc get stuck in mid-air? Cause i want it to be fixed. Thats my report.
  4. -Origin

    Destructo Disc "ball"

    I used a sprite some time ago that turned my Destructo Disc into a ball.......but now I've installed Darksun's Kienzan and it's still a ball.... :cry: It's like Darksun's texture slapped on a ball.......I want my disc back!! Anyone knows how to fix this!?
  5. CS-LAND

    Destructo Disc and Frieza Disc Bugs!

    Maybe you all noticed this. Many times after you throw the destructo disc/frieza disc the sprite will remain somewhere in the air (it will not make damage) and sometimes the sound is also there. I think this happens when you don't hit a player. Can you fix this?
  6. GoldSaiyan

    Disc damage/removal time.

    They should make the disc not a instant kill technique, if it is charged half way. Let's say the disc is charged as a small one and it hits someone, they should get 50% dmg, the more you charge it, the more dmg it gets. As for the disc travel; if the disc is small, it should fizzle when it...
  7. Goten-son

    Destructo disc/freiza disc

    well i hate when noob's get owned and use those stupid discs all the time. so heres what i was thinking, instead of an instant kill how about it takes away 50-75% of ur life and that way you can at least fight back...other wise having it in the game is pretty senseless
  8. S

    umm, why has friezas disc got no powerup sound?

    yet in the sound directory theres 2 disc 'powerup' sounds, one for the destucto-disc and another for the kienzan (which sounds cooooool BTW) but the kienzan powerup is not in the game!!
  9. G

    A Pretty Good Reason Why Destruco Disc Crashes

    Well im pretty shure the reason is becuase so much data is being sent back and forth throught server mainly when disc spins and sound is going its sending alot dats so it may cause it to crash i think thats reason becuase when i was hosting the destructo disc data sky rocket just before it...
  10. B

    Disc Problem Solved

    If you guys are still wondering why the destructo disc crashes the server this is why. When it is thrown it stays, therefore the disc sound plays repeadedly over and over again. After awhile the repeaded sound causes the server to freeze after lagging it up badly. Here is a file to replace your...
  11. N

    gotenks sprites?

    hey i was just wonderin how you change the distructo disk? I searched but nothin came up :( also I put it in the folder but it dont work
  12. Y


    hey people dont forget that every Sayian can throw a disc like Krillin. So that should be a attack that every sayian in the game can do
  13. H

    Krillin's Destructo Disc suggestion

    For an attack he pioneered(Uh I think he did anyway...) it seems kinda odd for his to be so crappy. My suggestion is to allow his disc to have a Mouse2 function that splits it into several discs that go in different directions. There is precedent as I recall he did this sometime against...
  14. Gazoline

    Friezas, disc, block

    hmm.... i read through the beta 1.1 manual for fun.... then i come to "Frieza disc cant be blocked" ehm right me if im wrong but wasnt ypu able to do that in beta 1? if you had a lot more pl that is... now you ask what the hell is this doing in the suggestion thread.... because i think you...
  15. Z

    disc bug

    In the version 1.0, i used to launch a lot of disc.They disapeared after 10 sec (or less). In 1.1, when i launch disc, they stay at the wall and don't disapear. There is a way to fix that ?
  16. catfish

    THink i found a little bug in esf_city

    Ther eis a building in esf_city... it is just near a spawn point that is on top of a medium-height building. The building *NEXT* to the building with the spawn point on top of it, has got like a hole taken out of it. This is not the bug. If you fly above that building with the hole (it's...
  17. KilledWithStyle

    Now Krillin's disc crashes

    I have been servering, and every time i hold krillin's disc beyond the allowtted time, it crahses me. Is this a problem with just me, or does it effect other ppl.
  18. Skyrider

    Disc bug!

    all those disc are flying in front of the wall. and doesnt dissapear..
  19. TAz00

    Want moving Shadows?

    Ever wanted a moving shadow? Maybe from some cirkeling planets? Any expirienced mapper could tell u that its not posible, cuz the HL engine only renders 1 shadow per object, take for example a door, it stands between a bright and a dark room. If u saw it from the darkside, light would be coming...
  20. Vengaurd

    Back from the watery grave

    havent been here for a while, thats mainly because my computers been unstable, but now im back and ready to work agen. to prove it, heres a new sprite for you http://usa.internations.net/vengaurd/AdvDestructo.jpg copy and paste that i didnt base it off of the show, maby after this ill...