1. KilledWithStyle

    Faster destructo disc

    Desctructo disc doesnt have much besides it just spins. I would reccomned that Krillin's disc goes faster to make up for the void of not being able to be controoled.
  2. SSJ4_Cell

    New Kamehameha Charge Sprite!

    Hi, this is my new kamehameha charge sprite! Credits go to ESF Team for normal sprite. Crits please!
  3. T

    frieza disc

    frieza disc, ever notice that when frieza fights ssjgoku his finger laser doesnt even hurt goku? and how bout when krillin nails cell in the neck with his destructo disc, it just goes straight thru, no damage, no flinching or anything. i was thinking that with all the discs, that could also...
  4. KilledWithStyle

    Gokus..........DEstructo disc??!!??

    Since when did goku learn teh destrusto disc. And since when did he start useing it. I dont think i saw that portionof the show.
  5. J

    Installation Problem (Disc space)

    When i try to install ESF i get a "not enough disc space" error, yet i have 1.7gig free to install to. Does it take more space than that or is it an error? Im running WinXP and i have installed the instmsiw.exe thingy. Any help would be appereciated. thanks.
  6. Wyatt

    Trunks sword, disc, & regeneration

    When Trunks gets his sword unless the sword is already coded totally awesome heres imo a kewl idea. Primary fire could be a stab and 2nd fire could be a slice to chop sum1 in half. Now when you get chopped in half ur hp is at around 25 or 30 but... if your cell, buu, or piccolo you can...
  7. T

    friza disc

    ummm ya. i was just playiong. and i ask u to either get rid of frieza disc or at least limit it so it doesnt come back. some moron named goku was using cell. all he did was spam the frieza disc. a couple of seconds ago, it crashed the server. so i ask u PLZ limit or get rid of entirly the frieza...
  8. M


    When is S-Bolt--'s Gotnks model coming out. It looks pretty cool. And it looked pretty much finished the last time he posted. So plz put it up fo download S-Bolt . It's sure to be an instant hit!!!!!
  9. D.C. Darkling

    Frieza Disc

    Just a small thingy but anoying. when someone fires it at you (And misses) I struck him with melee, shot him to death by kiballs and was happy) Then after he was dead the disc came back. :S Would be nice if it won't. :D
  10. M

    Disc jokeys of the world unite!

    Well I have been playing around with esf for a while now and I have taken quite a liking to freiza. I tried being a melee whore but because of my bad connection and laggy isp it is way to hard to win a melee face off or even hit any one (easy on a lan tho). However I like to use the freiza disc...
  11. K

    Not enough disc space!?

    im a computer programmer so i know all the tricks of the trade to manualy install stuff.iv gotton everything for msi and xp.THEY all work and installed perfedtly.but when i try and install the bets it says ,NOT ENOUGH DISC SPACE!no matter how different ways i try installing it get that same...
  12. Cold Steel

    freeza and krillin disc

    when you can't block or dodgeone of the famous discs will you be sliced in half aor just fade away ,i like sum gore!
  13. L

    Krillins Destruction disc

    I saw Krillin splitting up his destruction disc into (i think it were) ! 8 ! destruction discs when he fought against Frieza (form 2) ! It would be cool, if he could do that in the game! What do you think?
  14. A

    How to Own as Freiza WITHOUT the Disc

    Freiza is a damn good caharacter to fight as witout the disc. And Please dont spam or flame here, i dont wanna get in trouble. I'm also not sure if this should go into Newbie Central, and if so, please forgive me and please move it there. Tip 1: Keep moving. Frieza can easily be out...
  15. T

    Cell used Frieza Disc??

    can someone refresh my memory, cuz i dont remember seeing that, only krillens distructo disc... o_o ;/
  16. S

    destructo disc bug

    after throwing a destructo disc there's a pause before regenerating a new one, if u switch to a different weapon after throwing it, then switching back, the disc is instantly formed again. result: lots of destructo discs in a matter of seconds why not just make the attack power up like most of...
  17. E

    Destructo disc

    When u charges a Destructo disc and then press Powerup,u can move now.:D
  18. L

    help i can't get freeza's disc to work

    you are all silly billies and i had sex with your mum, in fact it was non-consentual, in fact you could call it rape. then i shot your dad, then i raped your dog, over and over again, while your mum watched. then i set your house on fire. and afterwards we had scones!
  19. H

    i dont understand wats wrong wit 2.0 it says u need disc 2 or somin

    i dont understand wats wrong wit 2.0 it says u need disc 2 and also should i get 1.9 before 2.0 and or i should get the first version?????someone tell me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  20. D

    how do i admin??? also Krillans disc dont go

    How do i admin my own server? cause it would be alot easyer then having to quit out all the time to change maps etc also Krillans destro disk wont show or fire, why not?