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    Ideas for 1.3 Please read.Has Ideas for spirit bomb and cvars.

    I think there should be a cvar for pl. Like mp_startingpl 1,000,000. I would really hope that u guys put this in 1.3, because it would make the game more challenging and fun. Another Idea is absorbing spiritbomb. If you seen the movie super android 13, then u know what im talking...
  2. P

    Transforming Spirit Bomb! 2 Ps At Once! Plz Discuss

    I think u should be able to shoot two Generic Beams at the same time but have them go in the same direction as ur cursor...such as if u do a PS with one Generic Beam you would be able to charge up the second one and send that one out to try to attack ur opponent while in PS or just do two Power...
  3. J

    Spirit bomb push

    is it possible to add this into the game like goku did against kid buu. Like when a power struggle happens goku is able to push the bomb back towards the foe with a big ki loss (for goku)
  4. C

    Kaioken and Spirit Bomb

    Hello , I am a super Fans of ESF in Hong Kong In ESF , I saw that on Goku's clother , there was a symbol ,than I felt very unhappy , because he cannot use Kaioken , in TV , he can use Kaioken when there was a symbol on his clother .In Cell Stage , there have no symbol on his...
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    picollo's special beam cannon and goku's spirit bomb...

    i think that the special beam cannon(sbc) move cant be blocked,if two or more enemyes r in the same line,sbc should damage them all...the first enemy shoul get max damage,the second should get some handicap on the damage,the third should get less damage than the second one and so on...the move...
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    Spirit Bomb Charge prob.

    Well, since i haven't seen it yet i might as well tell y'all bout it. When you charge the Primary Spirit Bomb to the max, it goes one charge too far, and gets onto the bar. I'm sorry if this is hard to understand. One too many 320/640Chargelines on the bar. Hope thats good enough. :laff:
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    GTA Sanadreas Bomb Threat News

    This was the biggest cover up of a bombthreat i ever seen and its actually pretty funny everyone tell me your oppions on it :]
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    goku's spirit bomb

    hey i remember a lonf time ago i played esf and goku's sound thing for his spirit bomb was from when he was fightin buu but now its from when he was fighting freeza anyone know y?
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    Sprit Bomb Improvements And Other Stuff

    Hi there. I was thinking maybe guys could have a team sprit bomb. Like the one in Buu Saga where all the earth's people put there hands up. For example two or more Gokus using the sprit bomb in the same place or area. Also like it can asorb attacks and become bigger. This can apply for the Death...
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    New Spirit Bomb For 1.2 ( will fit better anyway ) made by Darker!

    a simple Image ready work by my lil bro nicked Little-Buu or Darker... mostly Darker is his fav nick hes not registered cause he cant English lol anywaytions check it out #1st online ESF-world Click here: I did that right? lol the quote...
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    Spirit bomb vs Final Flash

    The topic says alot.Vegetas bigbang and final flash are way stronger than gokus spirit bomb.Why?
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    Spirit Bomb

    When i do a secondery attack it charges fine but when i go to launch it the game crashes and i cannot do a thing i have to reboot my machine and now can only use the main Spirit Bomb to do any thing any ideas wat can be doing this cheers
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    Spirit bomb

    anyone know a link for a new spirit bomb and the fire kamehameha
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    Spirit Bomb Gameplay idea

    As far as i know the SB's power and explosion is already based on the server average powerlevel.. Perhaps it would be nice to base it's power on the PL gap between the player with the most PL and the one with the least.. (or perhaps that of the server nr2) That way, if there is one player...
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    sprit bomb

    ok me and my brother where playing esf 1.1 with goku and vegeta. he was in ss form. i lauched a 100% sprit bomb at him,he shot a 100% fiane flash hit the sprit bomb and started pushing it back to me, i got a kamehameha and shot it at the sprit bomb but, it just want right throght it, and my...
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    spirit bomb gone?

    Hi. How come when goku ascends, he no longer has the spirit bomb?
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    an idea for sp bomb and death ball.

    ok i got this so far if u want 2 add to this idea please do so. okay u no how on dbz goku launches a sp bomb?well once he launches it the enemy would shoot beams but if the beam is weaker than the Sp bomb aka spirit bomb, and the sp bomb would obsorb it i think it happend in buu eps, anyway...
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    Spirit Bomb Animation

    I made a really cool spirit bomb that looks like a rotating world but the primary fire of the spirit bomb isn't coded to animate or something caus it doesn't. but the secondary fire of the spirit bomb does animate. I was wondering if this could be fixed in l8r versions of ESF. :)
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    spirit bomb..

    i dono if this has been posted or whatever, but ii foudn out about this aaaaaaaaaaages ago but just never did remember to post it... so it probly has been posted and maybe fixed in 1.2 but if ur holding the SB for along time i mean a really long time, the Sprite/sb goes over your chacater and...
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    New Spirit Bomb Sprite

    Ive never used any mod making tools, so i dont know if what im about to say is possible. Could the spirit bomb sprites look more like spirit bombs? In the show, they have a whitish core surrounded by a thick blue energy layer and small energy lines coming out of it (in both the small and large...