1. S

    You want a TOTALLY destructable map??

    you only have to wait until tomorrow, or monday...
  2. SierraSonic

    Spirit Bomb Idea!!!

    Heres my idea for the SB: Left mouse button - The Small SB Pros: A) Its 3x faster to charge, and 3x faster when shot. B) It fallows, but not perfectly so you can miss. C) Takes less time to charge. D0 Can be done in ssj. Cons: A) 3x Weaker than the big one. B) Take some of your...
  3. S

    Spirit Bomb

    I don't know if this was mentioned before, but how would it be if the Spirit Bomb could implode or explode?? I mean if you fire a really strong beam or something at the SB while Goku is charging it and it becomes unstable and ex- or implodes. SSJ-Goku Waiting for replies.
  4. imkongkong

    goku's spirit bomb

    for goku's spirit bomb, i think it sux coz its soo weak and small.. maybe the charge it longer and bigger would be much better.. and i think the spirit bomb should only be used while NOT SUPER SAIYAN.. because only those with pure heart can use the spirit bomb right? wen super saiyan, you're...
  5. Loki

    Spirit Bomb

    how about the spirit bomb take all the peeps in the games pl and then divide it by how many players (so u get an average pl) then takes that pl acts like it's urs and forms to that high of a lvl? correct me if this has already been suggested!:yes: :yes:
  6. [SSj]~Piccolo

    Spirit Bomb PS

    I think the Spirit Bomb should be handled like an energy wave (such as kamehameha). What I mean is, it should be possible to do a power struggle with it, like Goku did against Boo. I don't think this would be very hard to code... Maybe it should be PSable untile you press right mouse, then it...
  7. H

    Help needed for HLGuard support

    So .. I need some model filename .. like 'models/p_knife.mdl' crowbar or knife model would be best oh .. and I need moddir name too :)
  8. NightShade

    spirit bomb?

    To the beta testers did they make any changes to this attack? right now it is super slow and not worth using. *funny in a large free for all to hit someone heh*
  9. N

    Hand Spirit Bomb

    I have an Idea. The spirit bomb should be hand held he only makes the huge one on Namek NO FREIZA DISC!!! Or at least make it not kill one shot No more blue orb thing for vageta, it knocks back attacks to easy like no chance to send it back Thanks For listening to my ideas :talk:
  10. T

    Talking about vegeta look at what i made

    Talking about vegetto look at what i made
  11. Mirai USSJ

    Stonger Spirit Bomb

    For the amount of time it takes to charge then hit the guy the spirit bomb should be alot i mean ALOT stronger then what it is first of all its 2 easy 2 dodge and 2 easy to withstand theres no point in even using it also make it so that the player keeps his PL.
  12. SierraSonic

    Spirit Bomb + Arua or SSJ = A no no.

    Well if you don't get it, get drunk and re-read the topic. :P
  13. D

    SSJ Goku

    wow im bored... i have nothing to do so i edited goku... here ya go...
  14. SierraSonic

    Suggestions For The Spirit Bomb

    - Make it shoot double of what your power level is. - Bigger radius of attack. - Make it form bigger. (Like in Namek.) - For evil Goku (Hopefully temp resort for teams) Make the Spirit Bomb red. - Make it shoot from space not above Goku. (Like in Namek.) In other words come from top middle...
  15. D

    Spirit Bomb too weak

    I think the spirit bomb should be stronger. I'll sit there and charge, and charge, and charge,and.......................................................................................................................................charge but then when the awsome attack if at full i get a large...
  16. C

    Spirit Bomb

    Does anyone know how to make the Spirit Bomb in DMZ really big? I know some of you will hate me for asking but im all by myself in this "Gaming on the net" world. i have a 56k and i relie on bots for me to play games, otherwise i would lagg like hell on a server. and because my ESF dont wanna...