1. T

    Tweaking spirit bomb suggestion

    I thought of an idea of distinguishing the left click and right click moves of the spirit bomb. I remember seeing in another thread that someone suggested that when you use the spirit bomb, you cannot move, and you can control the direction it goes , and pump more power into it if you need...
  2. -Blaze-

    Gen-ki Spirit Bomb

    I suggest you to make gen-ki spirit bomb(click twice spirit bomb button) that is much more powerful than just spirit bomb, the same charge limit,but it must be slower than normal S-B, like in buu saga, it's a bit bigger and kills everyone that is in your way.But you can use it only two times...
  3. 009

    Giant spirit bomb spirte... awsome snif :')

    Its just soooo HUGE ! I realy wish someone will make a big sprite to the spirit bomb in esf.. like this one.. the hit box of the spirit bomb is larger then the spirte... you can stand far away from the spirit bomb and it still hit you cuz you to close... i dont talk about the...
  4. ZeroNightmare


    I have gone too far... its fully animated! 17 frames :P
  5. Delusional

    Spirit Bomb (PPS)

    If pumping power struggle is added (which we all hope) Then when goku uses a spirit bomb...he can use Pumping PS (secondary) to push more energy into it.. AND can also do this in ssj (provided he can transform quick enough)
  6. KidMan

    Goku's Super Spirit Bomb Idea

    Ok so I've read alot of threads about putting in Goku's Super Spirit Bomb and they totally don't work so I just came up with an idea for it. that when you beam struggle you hit the turbo button to pump more ki in, well with the spirit bomb you would have to be able to go to SSJ in the first...
  7. D

    Spirit Bomb tweak......

    Simple idea for spirit bomb,make it to where there is a second gauge for the energy of living thing,or what the spirit bomb is made of.Make it to where when you use it the guage decrases depending on how long you charge it,and when it goes down it goes back up at a set speed.So that ppl can just...
  8. U

    Super Spirit Bomb

    How about making a super spirit bomb like the DBZ Bodukai's. The move goku uses to finish of kid buu. It can be done by first throwing the spirit bomb on to a person then instant transform and let the super saiyan's generic beam be able to destruct the spirit bomb into a massive blue explosion...
  9. O

    Spirit Bomb

    Simple suggestion. Make all SB's appear as high as possible, so they almost touch the ceiling, no meter where you stand while charging it.
  10. 009

    Majin Vegeta Model plz / DBZ Movie 7 Spirit bomb ?

    Hey :) I have seen the New Vegeta Model for ESF 1.3 And i would like to see the Majin Vegeta model, I heard it will be his last transform in ESF 1.3, so i wouls like to see it, well if its finish.. If it is then please post it here... I wanna see if i like it.. Cuase im going to see it a lot...
  11. Ravendust

    Secondary Spirit Bomb Explosion Sprite

    Just a really simple suggestion, how about making the sprite for the Spirit Bomb's alternate fire's explosion (not the bomb itself) look like the one from the show instead of a regular explosion. Here's some ref pics: Against Vegeta... Against Dr. Wheelo... Against Turles...
  12. S

    Server Crash: Teleport after sb (spirit bomb)

    Im not sure where to report bugs...kinda iffy about how when i looked around... anyways a crash that happens to me all the time whether its my server or any other server causes my game to lose connection with server and the server crashes as well (verified this by refreshing games list and...
  13. True-Warrior15

    Spirit Bomb Idea

    I think this would be a helpful idea for the spirit bomb :cool: While Goku charges up the spirit bomb, likely theres gonna be someone shooting ki at him or trying to melee him he should be able to have a special button for teleportation (disappear and reappear in the same spot) just to dodge...
  14. Shao

    Spirit Bomb Vulnerability

    My idea may seem a little far fetched at first, but consider it very general. I'm hoping someone else can carve my idea into something more reasonable if it isn't already. :] While Goku is summoning a Spirit Bomb, he's left still and, as we all know, very vulnerable. I was wondering if two...
  15. Shao

    Dead >> Spirit Bomb

    Here's a thought: Do you think Goku can still summon energy to form a Spirit Bomb while dead? Or does he have to be alive?
  16. I

    Dragon and Sprit Bomb Idea

    Hi Long time since i posted Dragon Wishing Option Endurance its perminent. 10 Endurance, for every 10 it equals to 10 hit points. Maybe less. Sprit Bomb 1: Two for one deal. Uses main first attack to form Big SB and then click secondary to make small SB. One hand in the air and other...
  17. Rocky

    Blockable spirit bomb

    I know its the most ultimate move but wasn't kid buu able to hold it off for a while? i think that maybe a person with a high enough powerlevel should be able to hold onto the attack similar to the block struggle. This would make the almighty spirit bomb a more fairer move. Rather than noobs...
  18. I

    Team Sprit Bomb

    Hi there Maybe one Goku was doing the sprit bomb then if team was in range circling the Goku and they had a team sprit bomb option that will only come up when they in range and pressing it. The Sprit Bomb would get bigger depend on the number of people. You could also turbo it up so dont get...
  19. U

    Spirit bomb swalow

    how about goku charges his spirit bomb and when its done before you throw it you can go to ssj and then the spirit bomb will go inside goku and then you can be undefeatable for about 10 sec or so and you will have a lot amout of pl and when the times up you will explode
  20. I

    Super Sayian Sprit Bomb

    I know what you're thinking, that wouldn't be fair to the others but. Just becuase Goku can telport while charging any move while in super sayian mode dosen't mean it cant happen. I saw it in one of the series once think it was in Dragon Ball GT but any way it would be fair because what if...