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Dec 13, 2001
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i have some qusitons

1:how do you skin

2:how do you model

3:when you make a ssj3 goku and you add the hair is that model or skin

i have milkshape but i dont know how to use it can somebody help plz

PS:plz help me:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
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Jan 4, 2002
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OK d00d

Lets start at the start man, Ill put up some links for you regarding 3dsmax, unfortunately for you, i aint used milkshape, so i have NO tuts for that prog, i started straight out on 3DSMax... However, from what i could glean, the principles are the same. Now, do us all a favour and actually post a descriptive heading for your thread, otherwise you may miss out on getting help from ppl who aint interested in answering some topic with nothin but ????? for a heading. I'll aslo put up a link to a modelling tut that shows you how to start making a basic manga style character, its extremely helpful, and id still be stuck at square one without it, the 3rd link ill post is another site that actually has tutorials for a few different aspects of modelling/skinning, and some basic animation.........

Thanks to the ppl at all these sites btw, without them, i'd be stuffed

Hope it helps, and remember me when youre famous d00d ;),,1047962-123112,00.html

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