1. P


    I've no clue how far you all plan to go with characters, but I've just been working on Beerus for some hours and thought he'd be nice to donate. (When finished)
  2. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Nick_Da_Wizard's simple drawing thread.

    Thought i would post all my notable artworks here. Won't be adding in order by date. The better ones are recent I guess. Negative or positive criticism welcome. Sorry for long post. Alex mercer Arj barker (met him :3) Attempt at Luke Skywalker The Joker Kid Cudi 2010...
  3. C

    Beam Art

    Ive been recently picking frieza and trying out Beam Art, thats right, painting things in the air with the Beam :D. Since beams can go on endlessly, i thought i should try it out. It got very cool and nice. I hope there arent any consequences for doing this. I wanted to take a...
  4. stiffdog

    Stiff dog's Art

    I'm back haven't posted in 5 years but check it out! hand-drawn in graphite on Canson Creme Paper 9 x 12" 40 hours.
  5. -Origin

    Hope nobody minds me posting some art here, the art forum is dead as dead can be.

    Sorry in advance. ;P Decided to dust off Photoshop since a few people kept prodding me about it >_> Took me a while to throw together but didn't work out too bad in the end, I think. Keep in mind, I haven't used Photoshop like this in like.. at least a year. At least. Comments, crits, nao!
  6. Zero12

    Something wrong with my esf

    Well i have a error when i start a server it says error couldn't not found models player evolution podium.mdl can someone help me:(.
  7. D

    not seeing any servers in esf 1.3

    This is weird, I got the message that esf 1.3 is released, so I downloaded the file from, downloaded it, installed it, restart and launch steam and the mod, gone to the servers and don't see any servers at all... are the original server closed down?
  8. TourPallanen

    ESF Final Beta

    Ok I know that either this forum will get closed, deleted or spammed, and the beta contest is over, but I just thought I would share with all the staff my experiences with beta testing. So lets start out with Games: Asheron's Call 1 Beta tested the closed and open back in 1998 Asheron's Call...
  9. D

    (Help) I Think this might be right

    Ok so to get goku to a kid we need black star dragon and once we do that we ened to turn him into ssj3 and make a wish for the moon then we can do ssj4 is this right or not I have been wondering this for a few days now and i cant figure it out Iam playing the extension p.s 3...
  10. Chakra-X

    Sol, a try at a more tonal style of digital painiting

    I enjoy digital paint because of the lack of mess, cost, and convenience of having everything you need on a screen. However, I've done mostly cell shading and not any "realistic" types of shading, so I decided to color in my character Sol in his new design with this style. Inked on paper...
  11. K​.part1​.rar

    I cant play Esf 1.3. when i go in the game it just closes i tried it 20 times i restarted my computer and still it doesent work ---------- Double Post below was added at - 11:54 AM has been merged with this post created - 11:42 AM at ---------- I have CS 1.6 and Half-Life, but when i start up...
  12. The Deco

    Do we need art?

    Do we? Why do we? Is it a necessity, a human need, or just another luxury. Does it contribute to others or just to the artist? What do you consider a good art? Does art got to have a message? What do you think about abstract art? Is it bull****? does it reflect the artist's emotions? Talk...
  13. Boogyman93

    Half-Life art work :P

    Bullets can do more then just kill. Meet Sam.
  14. Almighty_Gir

    Art dump

    just gonna post art whenever i make it. if you don't like it, log out!
  15. Deathshot

    Art Project: Color my Walls

    Well. I have decided to make a new touch of art to my walls and I want the ESF Community to help me. I want to try this as a new project. I am hoping to get everyone to Draw something on Computer Paper, Notebook paper, Cardboard boxing or anything they want to draw on, and send it to me to...
  16. M

    Dragon Ball Z: Burst Limit (PS3) (Box Art)

  17. M

    Dragon Ball: Online (PC) (Box Art)

    Hello, here is my latest Box Art. It's Dragon Ball: Online, I know the game doesn't feature many actual DBZ characters, but there was hardly anything else I could use for the cover. Thoughts?
  18. elcor

    New Works.elcor art!!

    rival brother uchiha new sign that i make,i know that the text is bad but i am not good with the text: i am making naruto criying becouse still is wip: assasin creed still wip: post your coment please.
  19. VideoJinx

    VideoJinx art in progress~~

    Could someone plz give me crits and tips on coloring
  20. -Origin

    I'll post this in my art topic once it gets some replies.

    Latest drawing. Feeling pretty proud about it to be honest. ^_^ Stuff in white below this sentence. :O also the very, VERY first coloring I've done.