1. zampetti

    Super Saiyan hair color with/without "T" Button

    Hi everyone, my english is not perfect but anyway, I got a suggestion and I think its really good. Its about the super saiyan hair color, it would be nice if there were differences between hair color when u press "T" button, this is what i mean.. its kind of the real thing... light...
  2. Growler

    Transformations - Real-time hair change

    I suggested this a while back... hoping to see it in a recent update, but haven't seen it yet. A ) I think it'd be really awesome instead of doing the whole model-swap thing when transforming, we have the hair spike up and gradually change color. A nice touch would to see muscle growth...
  3. Painkiller

    Hair + wind = cool

    If this wasn't already said/ added please read bellow:3. You stand still and there's wind and your hair starts moving er.. not sure 'bout the word. but I'm sure you guys know what I mean
  4. final shine

    Long Hair Trunks

    well guys , i finaly gatherd enough exp. to relese my first model allready started the hair hope this model will pump some more life in the modeling comunity :]
  5. M

    Hair Cloning

    Sounds very interesting.
  6. J

    Requseting a tutorial on modeling dbz style hair

    Wondering if anyone know's of or can make a tutorial on how to model the hair on to a head since im really suck at that part of modeling. thanks!
  7. bapplebo

    Hair >_>

    HAIR TOPIC YAY! Anything you want to talk bout hair we r shall do it in here, EVEN PUBES! Well for me, currently, its a VERY dark brown, and about 2.5 inches long. I'm thinking of lemon - sun bleaching it, but I dont want it like, uber orangutan orange. How long should I leave it out for?
  8. |Overlord|

    teh_pwner's hair for sale My god, what has teh world come to. Would i really liek some of Jeremy's hair?.
  9. SA_Gohan

    DBZ Hair Tut

    I didn't think I should clog up the tutorials thread with a full tutorial instead of a link, but if it belongs there instead of the main part of the forum, could one you mods move it there? In an effort to save myself the time and angst of extruding each indivudual clump of hair on my dbz...
  10. Grundig29

    Skinning Hair

    Is there any tutorials on how to skin hair i have looked all over the place including google. Please Help
  11. Z

    trunks with long hair prolly for esf and hl2

    yeah i thought start on it to this trunks always was my favourite and seeing the others making it it kinda made me want to make it to so i did ^_^ c&c ?
  12. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Trunks without jacket, long hair, maybe release for ESF??

    O.0 Damn i wipped this up in 3 hours, i had a lot of proportion errors and everyone on msn helped me, but cruzharo gave me godsend refs :D thx alot buddy he helps me heaps, now this actually looks half decent This is a wip and isnt finished, im planning to do normal version of hair and redo...
  13. Mr. Phonso

    ssj long hair trunks

    been working on this for some time.. i hope to finish this asap
  14. M

    ssj2 hair

    just alittle question about the series.. when they go ssj2.. does their hair grow??
  15. Mccdbz5

    Light hair and Dark hair

    You know how in the show whenever any of the saiyans gets an auora around them (this is in super saiyan), there hair turns dark gold, and then when they have no auora around them, there hair is kind of light yellow. Well, maybe in ESF that could happen, like when your dashing, getting energy, or...
  16. imkongkong

    saiyan hair color

    okay seems like i'm the right section :] well i noticed a lot of the super saiyan models have a different color super saiyan hair tone. if possible, wouldn't it be much nicer if ALL the super saiyans for the next version have the same color tone for the hair?
  17. L

    Gohan's Hair

    I think it would be better when gohans hair in ssj form is straight up like goku's hair when in ssj form :rolleyes:
  18. Ravendust

    Vegeta's Hair Glitch (model glitch)

    When strafe-swooping right as Vegeta you can see black lines in his hair, they don't show up on the other directions, it looks strange.
  19. T

    Super Sonic Hair

    Hello. This is my first Model ! I tried to do the Super Sonic Hair. This isn't really but i try :
  20. S

    Is this ssj1 hair right? just thought i would show the side view of ssj1 gokus hair, i will show the rest of the model later on, i just want to know is th hair looking right from the side?