1. M

    My last forum post here.

    Well It is bluntly obvious to me that a large majority of this community is too vastly immature for my witty intellectual content. Apparently some children get all bent out of shape when someone states an opinion in an manner that is completely insensitive to their little fragile egos...
  2. T

    Cant post in Help&Support so posting this here

    Anytime I try playing the 1.3 open beta the game crashes saying some '.dll' experiences an overflow. Help?
  3. S

    It's time for my annual-obligatory half incredibly grateful, half teasing post!

    I can remember, way back in high school, rocking the 1.2 build across a LAN at school, and decimating an entire crowded server against me. I never particularly used WON, as we were most likely the last family in the states to get high speed internet, so I was mostly regulated to local games...
  4. The Deco

    Post your kids shows and cartoons sexual innuendos!

    Here is mine: Post those clips we need noticed when we were young.
  5. U

    I need Help installing esf please jeez 3rd post can someone help

    Am going to be detailed as possible so people can understand. 1.I have installed stream i have an account name and password 2.I bought half-life one off the stream page for 9.99 okay. 3.i played a multiplayer game and single player game and saved the game 4.i turned of stream and...
  6. T

    I can't open a local server, and I can't post in Support Area

    First of all, I already validated my account, and when I try to acess the support area I go to the validation page, where after put my login and password, I get this message: Account already verified But my problem is, that after installing ECX, when I try to Create a Server, my screen get...
  7. phrack50

    Post all of your Siggys!

    Ok so I just wanted to show all the siggys I've accumulated over time. Feel free to post your collections as well. :) Here are a couple of the first sigs I ever received at the ESF forum I got these sigs when I was part of the Mechmod forum community These were from Nine tails power...
  8. Painkiller

    This is something I post for everyone who live around the Balkan This video is PROOF that there actually is MUSIC in these countries This is a Bulgarian video, which proofs that even in Bulgaria there is real MUSIC! I greet everyone with this song and HAIL TO AHAT!
  9. -Origin

    Not sure if this is the right place to post, but I'm hoping some of you can help me.

    Here's the thing - I want to be able to record gameplay footage from my TV (Xbox 360, mainly) to my PC in order to make video-walkthrough on Achievements, Easter Eggs etc. I'm just not sure what the best way is to go about doing this. I've been reading about something called MyHava...
  10. DaisukeJP

    preview release? (check post details)

    Make a new client available for 1.3 with the progress wich we have now. cuz the project for 1.3 might take longer then a year. uhhm like every 3 month's a open-beta client release. every quarter. we are all curious off the awesome work u guys have been putting in this project. & would like...
  11. Grega

    Chatbox post notification pluggin

    A simple thing. Do you like it? Cuase it anoys the hell out of me to see every post made and edited added to the chatbox. I mean we have AJAX for that.
  12. B

    Need Help Badly!!

    Ive been looking for the esf baby edition model pack 1.8 for a few days and I cant seem to find it anywhere:cry:... This is my last resolution so plz can someone help me find it... post me a link if you do.. thx in advance:D
  13. TourPallanen

    ESF Final Beta

    Ok I know that either this forum will get closed, deleted or spammed, and the beta contest is over, but I just thought I would share with all the staff my experiences with beta testing. So lets start out with Games: Asheron's Call 1 Beta tested the closed and open back in 1998 Asheron's Call...
  14. M

    Fallout: New Vegas Teaser

  15. Jarek Bachanek

    Anyone listen Trance/Electronic Dance Music ? I'm big fan of electronic music especially this sub genre: Few my fave artists: Daniel Kandi - Denmark Aly & Fila - Egypt Andy Blueman - Slovenia - My Personal god Ferry Tayle - France Manuel...
  16. Damaera

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Buu Renders

    Almost put 09.. damn, not used to it being the new year yet T_T
  17. Nuttzy

    ok, scary movies,... post em

    I need a really scary movie for next weekend, I met a girl who gets really cuddly when she is scared :D. So I want to go for maximum scary. right now Im looking at the new halloween movie, or stephen kings "the mist". anyone have anything better? must be on dvd
  18. sub

    Post a pic of your pet

    I'll post a pic of my dog tomorrow
  19. Big Finish

    A FEW IDEAS..anyone can post their own..

    Well guys, I just came across a few elements while re-watching dbz and dunno if they are to be included in i'd just name a few.. 1) What if y'all add the feature that while powering up a beam or any KI based attack, we can teleport?? Like the one Goku used while powering up his...
  20. T

    Post your desktop V4

    I have seen this thread in many forums and it is quite interesting to see other peoples desktops so post a picture of your desktop and post it here.
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