1. SS4 Gogeta

    Good sites to learn from for new people to ESF

    If you are new to ESF, I would recommend these to links, they will answer most if not all of your questions. <----Finally back up. I used to refer a lot of new players to this.
  2. dan_esf_fanatic


    Each site I visit when I want to upload a file, it says that the URL has been blocked. Check it out for yourselves. MegaUpload YouSendIt SaveFile Only r a p i d s h a r e still isn't blocked. Why do you think this is happening?
  3. D

    Steve Vai sites?

    i want to learn some of the techniques that steve vai uses but i cant find a free site and i dont have enough money to buy a lesson book so...anyone know a good site? ive searched all over for a good free guitar techniques site.
  4. Phobius

    Looking for good song parody sites please help.

    ^As the topic says I've checked around but I'm hoping maybe someone has an awesome site with parodies in the favourite list because I'm searching for song parodies and a few other things like this one sketch I heard on the radio once called [email protected]g talk because you know in england and all that they...
  5. C

    ESF sites

    was wondering if anyone knows any other esf sites besides. where i can download model and such, only reson i ask is ive seen heaps of new models and maps in these forums and never found them on esf world.
  6. JasonX


    U guys know any good models sites? not esf world other ones
  7. I

    Any goot sites for flash 8 pro tuts?

    Any goot sites for flash 8 pro tuts? " DEJA VU"" Freaky isn't it
  8. D

    picture links to sites?

    how can i put a link on a picture? so if u click on the picture instead of going to imageshak it goes to the site i want. i beleive that's it. TY in advance.
  9. J

    EVM and EEA, sites don't work

    BTL works (the site) But the other 2 don't EVM i can't find the download and EAA doesn't work at all! :shocked:
  10. K

    I can't download anything from ESF world........anyone know any other sites?

    every time i try to download from esf world, it says that this page can not be viewed at this time........but thats only when i try to download something......ya........does anyone know any other sites?
  11. A

    mod sites

    I'm making a mod. were should I post info on it?
  12. ZeroNightmare

    Reccomended Gmax Tutorial Sites?

    what gmax tutorial websites do you guys reccomend?
  13. L

    ESF Sites real slow?

    is it me or is the esf site really slow? i am getting seriously bad pings from the site and the request speed is terrible. Has it got something to do with the new hosting?
  14. crazykorean10

    Are these sites up?

    welli reinstalled my internet(every site should work) but when i try to go to these 2 sites it says PAGE CANNOT BE FOUND. i dont belive that.... these are the 2 sites
  15. Blademaster


    can someone please hook me up with some BFP model/skin sites please? ty
  16. P

    Best sites for models/skins

    I would like to know what peoples favourite sites are for downloading skins and models for esf. I have visited esf-world and feel as though they do not have that many. Thanks amigo's.
  17. Z

    Model Sites

    i'm sorry but i need to know where esfworld went i cant find any sites.
  18. OuTsIdErZ


    Can anyone give me the sites where you can download models and such? I used to know them but I forgot and I'm sure I'll feel stupid when I see them and remember..
  19. MrPuff


    Well i doubt anyone cares but I am majinpunk, and my comp went dead about 4 months ago. I tis be using my sibling's and it blows. I can't seem to find any good sites to get my old esf junk (maps, sounds, modles, etc...) so if any one could help out that would be chill. Cheers........
  20. N

    bfp map sites

    does anyone knows some bfp map sites, every site i know are away or the site doesn't suport any bfp files :talk: