1. Chakra-X

    Sonic: The Wrath of Nazo, my Sonic Fan Film sequel!

    Hey guys! LONGGGG TIME NO SEEEE. I peep in every now and then to check the status of the mod ;) But I recall some members remembering my old Sonic fan film "Nazo Unleashed". Well I have grown a lot since then, doing personal stuff and professional stuff, and now I decided to make a final...
  2. johnny21045

    About the aura animation

    Hello,I want to ask a question that I noticed recently.I don't know if it has been asked or not.If some people asked this before,I will delete this a.s.a.p.:) Which of the aura animation will be in ESF:F ? Old: New: Well,I like the old one.It's blurry、smooth、natural. The new one...
  3. L

    Need help with mdl animation

    hey there i have a little problem....i got a model which shall open itself but well........blender doesnt really do animations in 3ds files... so i have 2 3DS datas which i need in a mdl file and both shall do a animation.the first one shall turn itself around the other one. no big deal. so...
  4. Slofreak

    Face Animation VFX Tech Demo All i can say is sweeeeet, cant wait to see this kind of face animation in gaming && textures on that model looks frikkin awsome.
  5. ESForever

    DragonBall Maya 3D Animation
  6. Chakra-X

    Dragonball Z Animation Exercise We were given a pre rigged dummy model and had to animate to an animation based off our choice of sound clip. I chose Dragonball Z :D
  7. IFlip92

    Fading destruction animation

    Before anyone says anything I know very well destruction is not possible in ESF:Final with few prop xceptions and maybe some sort of decals. This thread is more of a question really. In this video here => Notice the short lived and...
  8. Mkilbride

    Mass Effect: The Animation Let the **** storm begin from ME fans who hate anime, and anime fans who hate animes based off video games. I thought they would have learned after Halo tanked as an anime, and Dead Space just barely...
  9. Slofreak

    High drop animation and ground impact effect suggestion?

    So i was thinking if you drop from a very high height. It whould make like a impact creater effect and also dust effect. But sometimes you just wanna bounce from the ground and use that to your advatage right like 1.2.3. So i was thinking if you hold any movement key durning the drop you will...
  10. Smeg

    Animation Blends

    Just watched the new Animation Blends video, WOW, Well done team, ESF sure is coming along long way since any of its earlier versions :D Keep up to really great work guys, looking forward to the end product ( if ever :p )
  11. Chakra-X

    3D Burning/God Gundam vs. Barney Animation

    YEAAAAH IT'S FINALLY DONE. I'll be posting an upscaled "HD" version on YouTube soon. I know modeling and animation wise it could still use tweaks but the teacher seemed very happy with what I had. I could definitely get in to this 3D...
  12. BlueSaiyan

    I just hope the ESF team polishes up the animation clipping!

    Like during the throws. I think they look great, except for the clipping that is my ONLY issue. Otherwise it looks like it's going to be fun and really add to the DBZ feel.
  13. Slofreak

    Back Flip Animation??

    <object width="425" height="349"><param name="movie" value=""></param><param name="allowFullScreen" value="true"></param><param name="allowScriptAccess"...
  14. V

    ESF 1.2.3 EVM Special Bug Help

    Total Hi I have a problem grams per Appendix EVM may surprise you that I like but more than ECX 3 I do not operate special I do not know what miracle was always good and now it's not receiving HP Genocide (Special 2 [Cooldown: 180sec]) Ultimate Sacrifice "(Special 1 [Cooldown: 180sec])...
  15. Chakra-X

    My New Animation! "Santa's on Vacation" Vote 5 plz. I will not blame you if you do not find it funny, for I had to RUSH and CUT to beat the January 15th deadline, but I like it, at least in terms of some of the drawings and animation. I HAVE HAD NO SLEEP TONIGHT. ALL NIGHTERS ARE...
  16. Nemix

    Animation Problem!

    Okay, so what I did was converted GG and Kama's 1.2 LSSJ Broly to 1.3 That went good until I tested him ingame... everything was good but the Generic Beam and ... another beam... when they charge it does the animation repeatly... it should do it once and stay stuck... you know he charges his...
  17. Mous4u

    i think i know how to fix the melee animation promblem in ESF Open Beta

    hey guys i havent try it but cant we just fix the melee animation promblem useing 3D studio max to make the melee animations?
  18. Grega

    Animation Sampler & Namek Islands Update

    ESF Proudly presents There are 35+ player models in ESF. Each model requires 200+ animations to bring the character to life. 35 x 200 = ... I'll let you do the math. Needless to say, Darktooth has single handedly made sure that all of the characters in ESF recieve the proper love and attention...
  19. P

    Cell animation bug? v1.3beta

    Is it normal for cell's second form to be poorly animated? If so, will it be fixed?
  20. Fusion

    Animation problem

    I made ref_powerup_charge for 1.3 goku and when i compile get this on massage window: illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "ref_powerup_charge" "Bip01 L Hand" has "Bip01 L Arm2", reference has "Bip01 L Forearm" illegal parent bone replacement in sequence "ref_powerup_charge" "Bip01 R...
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