1. GokuSS

    So I make illustrous questions..

    Ok, ok I was joking.. Just delete this thread when you can.
  2. M

    Why even make this game?

    Why even make this game? People just use aimbots, script/bind up command cascades, and otherwise speedhack and cheat in various other ways; pretending they're so great at the game. It will happen, there is no way to stop it, even on steam network / protected games. Yes it does ruin the game...
  3. ~#Revan#~

    make an esf 1.3 beta server?

    would it be good to do a server esf 1.3 beta? and if it is ... I need something more than the esf 1.3 beta to make the server as a patch? I can put amxmod on esf 1.3 beta?? so... what do you think? or do I wait for the final version?
  4. Mkilbride

    Japanese Politicians want to make real, working Gundams. Impractical as two-legged robots are and have been shown to be again and again - this is awesome!
  5. Mkilbride

    Apple sued over every touch screen they make. Well the biggest patent abuser gets hit hard. I imagine if you have Apple stock, now is the time to sell it. :P This could destroy them a good bit.
  6. FalconFury

    How do you make a potw thread?

    Does... Everyone know how to make a POTW thread so I can create one? Only if the picture from the main website were shown.
  7. Marko1234567888

    How do you make something like this?

    How do you make something like this?
  8. Suh Dude

    How to make a Macho Salad:
  9. Mkilbride

    I think I've just found one of the most unhealthy foods you could ever make.

    That aside, how did they manage to quilt that Bacon together? I feel as if McDonalds will serve this in the future. My friends made it to celebrate some StarCraft 2 player, HuK playing some match up...I'm sure he appreciates my friend killing himself... I...while I enjoy trying unique...
  10. KarrdeKNR

    Help Karrde Make this Build Cheaper I'm trying to get the cost of this down. Looking for suggestions. Things to keep in mind: 1. I need the mobo to be Socket LGA 1366. 2. I need so be able to SLI things in proper 2x16 as I will be upgrading in...
  11. tuty

    How to make plugins for ECX

    Hey guys, i need to tell me how to add new characters for ECX, i mean is there a INC file with natives or something? i need to know what exactly i should do.
  12. Boogyman93

    Valve thinks they should make the Half-Life movie.

    In a recent interview with PC Gamer, Valve’s own Gabe Newell took some time to talk about the possibility of a Half-Life movie. Source:
  13. T

    How to make "Life, Ki Bar models"

    Hey everyone, I m a designer, but I m not so good with 3D, and I don't have alot of free time, but I would like to personalize my ESF screen, changing the Ki and Life bar, since the ECX are pretty strange. How can I change this images? In wich folder they are? Thank you everyone
  14. T

    Hi im making musics with Fl Studio (Software to make music) see if you like it

    heres the last music i posted on youtube: (by the way, the other musics where made with a Virtual guitar and Drums, but the last song was made with a real guitar so it will be more cooler But the guitar is a little laggy XD)
  15. The Deco

    The everlasting discussion - Do strategy games make you smarter?

    I read some opinions about it in forums via searching in google. Now im bringing the discussion to this forum. Do strategy games make you smarter? (While you may think it is about board games as well, such as chess, im referring to video games solely) Now I will mention one opinion here -...
  16. Damaera

    Two Suggestions: Fusion and a way to make Krillin more useful

    First off, I'd like to point out that both of these suggestions are ones that I've mentioned privately in the past, but I'm posting them here so I can see what the you guys think of them. This first suggestion is coincidentally something that Davidskiwan similarly suggested years before I...
  17. vahn9

    make a profit

    iv always wondered this for years how come you guys just didn't change the skins of the characters and change the sounds names of attacks and just make a huge profit off of this game? After so many years why not? I know you like dragon ball and want the game to be free and all but have you...
  18. JediOreo

    make esf standALONE mod

    what if esf was a stand alone mod that valve might make a game i mean 10 years of making and it stil needs half life to run thats not right i mean esf could do so much better:smile:;D:D:)
  19. Tenzo

    Make your own avatar Upload a pic with you , follow instructions told there and post your custom avatar here. :) Here's mine:
  20. Sting

    I need some Help with adding new joints

    First of all I use Milkshape V1.7.8 I know how to add a joint that isnt really the big problem. But is there a way to make the joint smaller in Milkshape. My goal is to use some joints in the fingers of some models so I can animate the fingers as well. But I am just using Milkshape and...