1. akayyyyy

    BEE game Character WIP i need some feedback :)
  2. P


    I've no clue how far you all plan to go with characters, but I've just been working on Beerus for some hours and thought he'd be nice to donate. (When finished)
  3. N

    Superman as a Cameo Character

    Hey, who'd be more OP in ESForces than Superman?
  4. UltraVegetto2

    Character Intro

    I have an idea: what do you guys think of an intro-sequence for the different character-types? For example: As sayian you start racing down from the top of the map in your Sayian Pod. While you fly towards the battleground you can slightly controll where you're flying, so you can kinda...
  5. GokuSS

    GokuSS' illustrious collection of fascinating questions

    Hi - I'd like to know if anyone knows which characters will there be. Any fusions like gogeta or vegito? Gogeta SS4?
  6. gerald324

    Esf 1.3 character selection bug Without Names How tO fix it?

    Guys Help Me please,.......
  7. Mkilbride

    Internation Space Station to have Portal 2's "Spaaaaaaaaaace" character adorning it. Awesome. Someone @ NASA is a fan.
  8. EliteMarine

    Character Special Abillities

    I wish to know what the Special Moves are for each Character, here is some of the moves I think you might have put in there or are going to be put in there. Goku: Kamehameha, Solar Flare, Kami Torpedo. Ultimate: Spirit Bomb. Super Saiyan: Kamehameha, Solar Flare. Ultimate: Angry Kamehameha...
  9. A

    ESF ECX RC2 Character making help plz

    Hi! As you know in the description for ESF ECX RC2 it states "A Development Kit to modify current and create new characters for ECX will be provided in a different release" Any body got an idea? or atleast send a link to a how to create a ECX character or AMXX character making??? THXSOMUCH:yes:
  10. S

    Will this character still be in final?

    Will Trunks(sword) be in ESF:Final?
  11. zmaster

    custom character

    so yea u guys should make an option where u can make your own character and customize your abilities:smile:
  12. Heron

    The DBZ character's will

    When you control a character in ESF, it is a complete puppet to your commands. This is good however sometimes it can be a little annoying that the character is too much of a mindless drone. For example, if one player shoots a kii blast at the other, the other then dodges it and carries on as...
  13. C

    Character selection taunt?

    I dont know what its called, but have you seen in budokai games when the fight starts after the map has loaded and you and your opponent make a statement before the fight starts e.g Goku: alright! lets do this! Vegeta: Ive been waiting for this kakarot! On the esf Updates you guys posted...
  14. Dawntilldusc

    Problem with character selection in Beta 1.3

    I've installed the beta .exe and run it correctly. I can play the game, but when selecting my character, it is the default esf 1.2.3 screen w/ a few ad's like Ginyu and Android 18. I have seen what it's supposed to look like, and haven't been able to produce that result even after uninstalling...
  15. Nick_Da_Wizard

    Favorite Character!

    This might be interesting, tell me your favorite character from the dragonball z series. also post the coolest picture you can find of that character. Mines Bardock::p
  16. Chakra-X

    Working on First Human Character

    Well kind of. I started a 1/3 of a Goku during the winter and never went back to it, so I had a chance to experiment with making a face and a body. Right now I am in a "Advanced 3D modeling and texturing"class and I decided to make a 3D model of a character of mine. He's a comic book/anime...
  17. Reptile

    Character customisation

    Basic idea, creating differences depending on playstyle. Thoughts: Using FPS as a reference (sniper vs short range) Current thought train: Using your turbo button you can power up into the area you want to strengthen yourself. After playing as a transformed being you will "master" the form...
  18. P

    Damaged Character

    Is that a bad idea , to create a new skin for damaged character? Or maybe it could have effect on your moves/attacks/ etc. For example : When gohan fought against Cell, fist he looked great,but at the and he looked...****. :D
  19. Gokufan112

    dbz character

    i saw an awsome character on youtube because dbz budokai 3 got hacked and there was a dark goku what if there was one on esf?
  20. Kaination

    New Diablo 3 character: Demon Hunter OH ****