1. Deathshot

    The Walking Thread ( Walking Dead Thread thread ) (SPOILERS)

    So... I just started Season 3. I love this ******* series. Rick went from being the Character I didn't care too much for but damn did he become badass! The Bar scene in season 2 made me change my thoughts on him completely.
  2. IceX

    The Epic Music Video Thread

    Point of this thread is that everyone posts a music video that he/she finds epic. This is one I love and I love the "fast pace" in it
  3. KarrdeKNR

    Halloween 2012 and Costumes Thread

    So is anyone doing anything this year? I really need to finish my Vanu Soverignity Raver costume I was going to do for a con but half the parts arrived very late so I never finished. I'll post some older stuff though. Is anyone up to anything? Death (like 2 years old now I think) I...
  4. dutchmeat

    2012 US election thread - keep it civil

    Sources;,0,2317962.story WAT WHAT...
  5. Deathshot

    Humble Bundle Thread For those of you who do not know what Humble Bundle is, Pay what you want for a bunch of great Indie games that also goes towards Charity. You pay what you want and select the amount you want to go to each of the sections of the donations and all. You also...
  6. Shadi

    Deleted thread

    Alright, since I don't know which admin did it can that admin please PM me the reason and afterwards delete this thread as well? (The fairy tail thread), I don't know if it was done with a soft or physical delete so I can't know whether there's a moderation note left behind or not.
  7. Deathshot

    NFL Thread '12

    Ah yes, another season coming up. Gotta see how the Steelers do this year as well as see if Superman doesn't get Sophomore Slump. I am kinda on the edge for Steelers this year.... Though I was like that a while back and they ended up winning the Super Bowl. My three teams this season to...
  8. Deverz

    How to create a thread

    Step one. Insert a link Step two. Insert a quote/video/picture breifly summerising the link Step 3. Sometimes write a sentence Sorry Mkilbride had to do it
  9. sg2

    Thread practicing #1- Religion

    Good morning, evening or whatever the time is! What's your take on religion? Mine sincerely goes with this Jesus guy: If you're shy about it feel free not to tell. :scared:
  10. dbzrogue

    The Joke Thread.

    Share any jokes or funny stuff you find here. I will start of with a lame AWESOME joke: If Apple started a chain of vacuum cleaners, what would it be called? iSuck.
  11. -Origin

    Origin's random Video & Screenshots thread - V2.

    Because the original one is locked.. somehow. Been trying out the capture card in the new PC, still messing with settings. If anyone has any suggestions of what to make videos of, let me know. Test video of Alan Wake (best viewed in HD, obviously);
  12. FalconFury

    How do you make a potw thread?

    Does... Everyone know how to make a POTW thread so I can create one? Only if the picture from the main website were shown.
  13. Damaera

    My Modeling Thread

    Making a new thread for my latest stuff! A random building that I started to work on a few weeks ago which is pretty much completed: Here's what I'm currently working on now. Just making a bunch of random DBZ buildings. Not sure if I'm going to do anything with them, though: Note: I will...
  14. Z Power

    The Game Trailers Thread

    I figured having a dedicated thread would be more effective then randomly posting in the chat box. I am keeping my eyes on that one. >_> Kratos Pales.
  15. Z Power

    The Humble Bundle Thread Enjoy!
  16. Kaination

    Kaination's REAL weight loss thread. (freals this time)

    so here i was, when I first attempted this **** at 250. here I am nao, at 220 :] this is more of a self progress check, don't give a **** if anyone replies. i'm finally watching what i'm eating, dropped soda (drink it very occasionally), and slightly exercising. going to go...
  17. Almighty_Gir

    Guitar Trick Thread

    trying to make this thread as friendly to non-players, as to players. so here's how it works. you post a guitar trick that you think is cool. you might already be able to play it, or want to learn how to, or you could just think "hey man, that's really cool"! this isn't a thread for posting...
  18. sub

    This thread will be closed

    Or will it?
  19. Kaination

    Kaination's (new) modeling thread.

    So I'm finally taking my intro to 3d modeling class. We just had our first day and ****ed around with extruding, just **** i already knew, so before we go into full swing I decided to quickly model a katana. Basically my first attempt at box modeling / nothing but extruding. don h8
  20. E

    I can't believe nobody posted a thread about this...