1. S


    i saw a great trunks in esf world on a pictur about a new finishing buster. i would like to know where could i get it or if it is going to be out today
  2. §lipKnot

    that suprise trunks is here that i promised :D

    i cant comple the models so i need some one to do that if i release this. this is only a skin edit and a model edit this would allso be my first model edit and i allso added a video of trunks and new sword doing him combo..and look at the old pics to new pics to see the changes and o ya...
  3. BliZZ

    New Trunks WIP

    Kid Trunks Crits? Credits: Trunks Head: Mastasurf Goten Body: God Gundam
  4. dbrulz72

    Trunks Sword Problem

    Whenever I use Trunks' sword he gets in this weird position.How do I get him to hold it with 2 hands?
  5. §lipKnot

    a new trunks reskin

    this a is my reskin wolf-strike helped a little i did the pants and the face if this link dont work go to
  6. B

    Trunks models

    Does anyone know where to find the FF7 Cloud skin for trunks?
  7. C

    Jus Pimpin ;) (EEA Trunks)

    This Model was made by nuttzy, and skinned by Element for EEA, were still alive, kicking, and this is just a taste of what we have coming. Were not far from release either ;-) :laff: We also have a new feature, but more about that later.
  8. W

    Final Trunks Armor Pack 1.1 !!!!!!

    well i got nothing to say i releasing this trunks models pack after my edit... readme: This is Armor trunks form cell sega by Pro Edits for 1.0 ESF and now it is 1.1 with buges out and more animations ! creadits: th3pr0 =M=DarkVegeta tnx. hope u enjoy it it will be aveiled to...
  9. SierraSonic

    Trunks flamethrower???

    I just checked out the outline again hoping for some changes, and I found this "Trunks flamethrower" thing, whats that supposed to be. For those of you who don't know where the outline is, click this:
  10. W

    Trunks Armor done :D 1.1 compile

    i edit the trunks armor that in ESF WORLD to 1.1 beta and i put new movements and also edit the model :D hmmmm pic? ya :D ! : tell me where to upload it? some1 can host it for me? cause i cant upload it in angelfire or lycos :( wtf is crits?
  11. P

    MICHAEL JACKSON makin trunks look bad

    wow how ugly! poor trunks.... INCLUDES BLOODY HANDS!!!!!! funny!
  12. Sliq

    Trunks Sound Pack

    Anyone know where I can get some good Trunks soundpacks?
  13. Amayirot Akago

    New Trunks attack

    I just checked the Beta 1.2 outline to see what was gonna be in it again, and I noticed something peculiar... Under the "optional" section I noticed a new attack for Trunks named "flamethrower". What attack is this???
  14. dbrulz72

    Trunks Movie:Trunks

    Has anyone made a Trunks model from the the Trunks Movie?It would be cool if someone did cause the original trans sound for Trunks is from the movie so can someone give me a link?
  15. dbrulz72

    1.2 melee for trunks

    you know how the combo system works write?when trunks does it with his sword, will it still be a combo?
  16. W

    Gohan Vs Trunks

    who do u think is better? gohan or trunks?
  17. Z

    warriors of destiny !!!bojack trunks!! crits? modler: K0N skinner : im going to do it or along with k0n
  18. M

    Trunks reskin

    well this is my second reskin, i changed the normal Trunks into a Ninja-like Trunks :) i wish i could dlaod the katana model trunks somewhere skin would fit perfectly with that katana...o well so what do you think?
  19. Nuttzy

    anyone want to skin a trunks?

    well, i made this trunks, dont like it, i had to screw the proportions to make it fit a skeleton, but some people did like it, ive sent the model to a few people to skin over aim, so i figured id let anyone skin it who wanted to, its not...
  20. Neon

    Trunks' Sword

    okay im releasing meh trunks' sword for modelers who r making a trunks model and would like to use my sword, or for ne1 who would just like to replace original trunks sword wit my sword ^_^. Not going to release the case though... i think it sux IMO. btw teh weapon pack kinda died cuz no1 was...