1. W

    Trunks New Edition MuKaKa!! By Me :D

    My trunks edit-no sword-new animations. hope u anjoy it :] creadits: to esf team for the orginal trunks model :P i just need some1 to host it for me? and what is crits?
  2. M

    starting on a trunks model

    My 4th model! i'm starting on a trunks model, and i need some side images, and front images that are to scale so i can use them as referances. Anybody know a good site where i can get such images?
  3. D

    Trunks Reskin

    made the eyes green (they were blue before) added some lines to the hair (looks better to me) changed the folds in the glothes (looks a lot better to me)
  4. Warbandit

    New Trunks Sword Sound

    Hey I made a new trunks sword sound and i wanted some crits? U can get it here: Tell me if u like it! Credits:ESF team, Me!
  5. G

    Armor trunks long hair or short

    please can somewone tell me where i can get armor trunks from cell saga i have searched in the topics but nothing found does somebody know where??? :cry:
  6. M

    trunks with armor

    does anyone know where i can get a trunks with an armor and long hair :confused:
  7. M

    wheres the saiyan armor trunks?

    well its like this. i havent played esf in a while, and last week i started playing it again. i was trying to find a saiyan armor trunks, i know there is a good one (from s-bolt if im correct..) but now that red saiyan is down i cant find it anymore. i tried every site (even the ones that are...
  8. G

    *[The Hidden Trunks Story]*

    I will post a new chapter every week..depending to the response il get for making this story. Feel free to come with comments,love to hear what you think..well dont got so much more to say so here is the story,but dont expect to much..its just chapter 1:)...
  9. §lipKnot

    4 new reskins goku,vegeta,trunks,buu

    i did these reskins there not done yet and i shouldnt even be showing u these because im a geocities there not done and if i dont get any good comments from them i wont release theses go to and check out...
  10. Mr. Satans

    Cloud (FF7) ~ Replacement For Trunks

    Heyyyy...many people have wanted this...sooo I decided to re-release it since I fixed the run animations on the SSJ model of Cloud. ORIGINAL MODEL: Lord DarkStryphe CONVERTED/EDITED BY: Shijing SSJ FIX: Mr. Satan <CENTER> <TABLE style="FILTER: glow(color=blue," strength="#+1)">CLOUD...
  11. §lipKnot

    the noob skinner has done a trunks

    i have done a trunks reskin check it out tell me what u think ;)
  12. Mr. Satans

    Cloud Replacement For Trunks

    Does anyone have the Cloud replacement for Trunks? I need the SSJ model (where Cloud has the ULTIMATE SWORD) cuz I fuct it up and didn't back it up *smack* ~_~
  13. L

    Goku Trunks and Frieza ;)

    Hey these are the models ;) Dont crit on the chibi trunks cas its ganna be scraped an im going to make a new one but crits as hell on the goku and the frieza ;)