1. #16

    Trunks and his sword?

    In ESF Final we will see USSJ Trunks with sword or without? Just wondering.
  2. gerald324

    Is Trunks Bonus Melee finished?

    Trunks Tier Special.. (^_^) That Badass Combo? ;(
  3. Deathshot

    [Old PotW] [MOTM] Trunks Tier Special Attack Oh How I love all things Trunks.
  4. leonelmba1

    Models request - ( Trunks GT and Trunks GT Ssj)

    hi folks, in the past I have downloaded those models (trunks gt and trunks gt ssj) in this link , but now it's died. I have reinstalled esf and now I need them. please, upload for this link reviving or pass for me!!!
  5. Hawkman

    Ginyu Force and USSJ Trunks

    After i checked this: I have 2 questions.(I know that this list might be a little old) 1)Why is Captain Ginyu at the bottom? I thought that this dude is the strongest of them all. He is the captain after all...
  6. Nemix

    Bojack Saga Trunks for 1.2.3

    Ok I've seen the new update on the main page, And I'm going to do a similar model too for 1.2.3, but I'll do him with long hair... I just started and made his legs... but I think it will end up pretty good :D and models section is pretty quiet lately... so this might cheer things up :D and...
  7. SG_SSJ!


    I think this is my worst sign ever!
  8. Growler

    Doppler effect and other FX

    When a player flies across your screen, I think a feature that would further immerse the player in the game would be the Doppler effect. For those of you who are unfamiliar with what the Doppler effect is (Just listen to the first soundclip...): I...
  9. The Deco

    [Old PotW] PoTW: Trunks vs Frieza

    Picture of The Week: December, 13: 2009 <a href="" rel="prettyPhoto[PoTW]" title="Trunks his sword vs Frieza, who will win?"><img src=""></a> PoTW has been up...
  10. Growler


    I just watched the episode where Frieza gets diced up by Trunks.. again. I know the ESF team is putting in an incredible amount of work... But I hope Trunks and especially his sword get the loving attention that they deserve. Any comments on what the use of his sword will be like in game?
  11. SG_SSJ!

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?

    How can I use Trunks sword in basic melee?
  12. B

    Trunks af skins

    I join a server with some af trunks skins that seemed ok but the last one seemed totally out of place... moving on i wanna know where i could find these sort of stuff
  13. final shine

    Long Hair Trunks

    well guys , i finaly gatherd enough exp. to relese my first model allready started the hair hope this model will pump some more life in the modeling comunity :]
  14. H

    future Trunks vs Cooler

    I know this is a VS thread again and it soundsstupid to everyone. but i still hope everyone can answer my confusion. what if Future Trunks and Final Cooler fight against each other. who would be the strongest.(who would win!?) PS: kinda noob in this type of thread.....
  15. M

    Trunks vs. Vegeta

    This is a fight that I've wanted to see (though of course, that's never going to happen). A fight between Trunks (the one from the future) and his father Vegeta. This fight would take place after Cell was defeated by Gohan, so with that in mind, Trunks and Vegeta would be on equal grounds in...
  16. Deanio^

    trunks sig

    ok so i tried making a trunks siggy...but dint go that well wondering if i could get a helping hand on smoothing the images together and tell me things i should change on it
  17. DBZhell

    Trunks and goku cell saga... ( yep nice edits XD lol )

    Ussj trunks, normal trunks, ssj trunks.. Goku cell saga... after training in Room Of Soul and Time :D Credits to: Eclipse GG & Kama
  18. claudiu1234

    USSJ Trunks

    Hi guys.Who can tell me were i can find this model.I found it on esf-world gallery and a like to have it.
  19. gohan_ssj2


    can anyone tell me where to find a good long haired trunks model
  20. Ravven

    Future Trunks UPL

    Hey guys! I had some time recently so I modeled a box in 3dsm! (OMG no WAY!!! :shocked:) It soon started (with my lil help ;)) to take shape and I decided after a while that I'll make a Trunks from it... So... I guess many of you (or not so many ;)) are wondering what the heck 'UPL' means...