1. S

    flamethrower isnt just trunks's.....

    well, scince ive seen that in the outline that trunks's flamethrower is going to be in esf, i must say that he only used it once, where as other characters used it much more. Vegeta uses it twice in book 25 of the manga (one of those times he used it to finish off jeice), and also uses it...
  2. The_Forgotten

    Trunks FlameThrower?!

    I read in the 1.2 Out-Line that Trunks will hav an attack called Trunks FlameThrower.What is that?
  3. Enix

    Zabuza's Sword, Could replace trunks' sword

    i got like majorly bored, so i thought why not just do a sword, i thought maybe a katana, nah to many people makin those, maybe a dagger, nah to small, so after a few mins of thinking, is was like why not zabuza's sword!?! so i made it, and i was surprised at the results, i think it actually...
  4. Super Veggeto

    Kid Trunks WIP

    my new latest model, kid trunks, (used refs from budokai2 as usual lol) early wip, umm there isnt much to crit but try to crit on the polyflow cuz thats what im basicy trying to improve... gonna make him two versions: this one and the alternate outfit on budokai2.. both normal and ssj...
  5. Shuyin

    Trunks Flamethrower??

    lool 1.2 outline More attacks Buu’s bodypart [in development] Frieza’s telekinesis[in development] Trunks flamethrower <-- O_o
  6. Z

    trunks reskin

    crits ? all i have done now is redo the hair and eyes+eyebrows
  7. I

    Trunks and Final Flash?

    I've been hearing a certain amount of people claiming that trunks can use the attack "Final Flash". I personally think thats just rubbish. What do you guys think?
  8. G

    About the trunks model

    When I choose trunks from the character select menu i start playing with him and his sword is always out even on every attack. It won't stay in the sleeve. When I choose his sword technique he acts like he pulls it out but it's always out and when I choose any other technique it stays out.
  9. SSJ Toast

    CC trunks skin WIP

    well just to practice and get better at my skinning, i decided to skin Turk's Trunks SDK, any crits and comments are welcome as usual iam still somwhat working on his body more probably more detail in his chest and neck model by turk, WIP skin by toast
  10. gpas

    how to do trunks melee

    for all people but trunks primary attack : punch secondry attack : kick trunks primary attack : punch secondry attack : kick both at the same time : the sword
  11. M

    Trunks: Meelee Modification

    Simple - pressing 1 first time and you use meelee like all others... pressing 1 again will make you use meelee with the sword... you will have an animation for either creating the sword and making the sword disappear (I got this idea by some1 in this thread suggesting to add a Dabura to...
  12. S

    my trunks and skin

    hey this is gogetenks. im working for a mod called eta. im working on a model of cc trunks. i dont know if it will be the final skin for him it depends on how much u guys like it. the ear skin is kinda messed up but that will be fixed. a really big thanks to yaglo for sorta teaching me how to...
  13. S

    A CG colored Trunks

    This is my 3rd cg colored pic the lineart is from an offical DBZ coloring book. Crits & Comments please :D
  14. W

    GT trunks !!! omfg soo good model!!

    hey look i took some part of alot of models and create a trunks GT it looks great! realy!!!! and i edit them from the base... Very special thnx to Miki800™ for teaching me everything I know, + for hosting + for creating the 3d thingy and especially for the gloves recolor of vegi hands...
  15. O

    dabura model for trunks

    it would be cool if sum 1 would make a dabura model for trunks dabura has a sword n u could replace finishingbuster whit hell blitz!!!
  16. G

    Trunks punching problem

    I just wanted to see if anyone new how trunks would puch repetedly in esf 1.2 if he uses a sword? :confused:
  17. S

    Help with Trunks Sword

    Ok, first sorry if this has been resolvd already but i only skimed the first page of help topics. Ok i need i downleoded ESF bata 1.0 on fileplanet, and then the patch at file nework i think, any way my problem is whene ever i play as trunks when i try and use a KI atack he dosnt put his sword...
  18. C

    Bojack Trunks WIp

    Blah blah bleh! :talk:
  19. T

    esf evm trunks ssj2

    here is my trunks ssj2 i maid it look like a real esf model! what do u thnk guys?
  20. G

    Kid Trunks?

    Do anybody know where to find a kid Trunks? Please help :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: