1. I

    Trunks Models

    You guys should make the trunks model like the trunks in movie 8 the legendary super sayian. Where hes taller, older, has the long hair, and his coat has no sleeves, and then when he transforms, he jacket be shorn off. That would be sick. Also posted in the beta 1.3 outline thread
  2. john_volkov

    adding Goten and kid Trunks

    well in the serius Goten and Kid trunks where allwase togheter so they culd be add as Goten buddy kid trunks they r special because they know SSJ but noting else (NO FUSION) so baisicly i say just add Goten and Kid Trunks ass buddy so we will have more caracter in the game to chose from maybe...
  3. U

    Cooler vs Trunks

    Who's the strongest? The time is for the future before Trunks arrived in the past(before he trained from spirit of time room)
  4. Grega

    OMG Raven Trunks

    Birthday: February 14, 1985 ITS YA BIRTHDAY Have a great 21st cheers m8 \o/
  5. Growler

    Trunks- Drawn in class

  6. Andreyesf

    Clothes of Piccolo and Trunks

    Ok this is the sugestion PLEASE put it in esf 1.3 when you are transforming with piccolo he's cape do not dissapear he pull the cape and hat down like in DBZ same thing for Trunks when he goes USSJ form do not put to dissapear his cloth you can make to brake his cloth or something like that...
  7. F

    need trunks ssj4 plugin

    hi all. I was wondering if someone could make me a small ssj4 plugin for trunks. I just need a simple plugin which allow trunks to go to ssj4 with a stans effect. If someone is interrested to make it, answer to me plz. Thanks :)
  8. M

    GHP-Future Trunks

    well,the pic says it all.i'm gonna make ssj + ussj to.please post only constructive critism,thanks =].
  9. Mccdbz5

    Trunks's Pre-Punch for 1.3

    I know I suggested this a VERY VERY long time ago, but here I go again, hopefully you will like it this time. My idea is that, since most characters are going to get a unique pre-punch, hense this picture: I was thinking, for Trunk's pre-punch, maybe you could make him use his sword to keep...
  10. Mccdbz5

    Question about Trunks's Basic Melee animations in 1.3

    Well if you remember in 1.2, all of Trunk's basic melee attacks are with fists, and none are with his sword, you have to do advanced melee if you want to ue his sword. Now my question is, in 1.3, will any of Trunk's basic melee hits involve him using his sword instead of his fists? I already...
  11. Growler

    BTL - Trunks WIP

    Started about 40 minutes ago
  12. R

    Another sexy dbz model to replace trunks and shoot fireballs!!111!

    Well i started this when ds was modeling his porshe, I jus didnt have anytime to do much of it. Old screen grabs of tthis morning, al post newer ones later, also jus to let u kno its wip so obviously it aint optimised. Also if anyone can get me a blueprint of a 2004 3dr ford fiesta that'll be...
  13. A

    Fix Trunks.

    Hey guys, I just remembered something about trunks. Not sure if this should belong in Bug Report though. Now, let's get to the point. When trunks melees someone, it does the same damage as the sword in 1.1. And he's without the sword in 1.2.x. And whenever he kills someone, it says <name> has...
  14. M

    Trunks Sword

    Yo im an nub how do i use trunks's sword
  15. majin uub

    chibi trunks new move

    heya guys...i just got done watching the Bio-Brolli movie...and trunks did the kamehameha in i think this would be a good move/replacment move for his burning attack since that sucks...but ya just though i would like to let u know cause he needs stronger attacks
  16. ZeroNightmare

    the real story behind trunks and vegeta...

    just felt like... posting... plase elaborate...
  17. G

    Ussj trunks!

    Yeah, here is the new Trunks I said I'd be busy with. This trunks will be a release I think, (I need an aprooval first, but I don't think it will be any kind of problem). Now a few issues: Hair is only colored Pupils will be removed for Ussj finish The gloves are not skinned Anyway...
  18. Denz


    What version of him to model? with Capsule corp jacket thing or without it? ok here's what I got so far :D also I plan to make him long haired one with alpha mapped hair (which I must learn first) p.s. ssj and ussj version after this one
  19. F

    Trunks DEAD?!!!

    what the hell? where is this from? its also not fanart, because i got it from a music video...
  20. S

    A few ideas on USSJ, Trunks, and SSJ3.

    I know this has been talked about and I like the USSJ being a power up were you use it to increase power at the cost of speed. However I would like to add that all Sayia-jins should be able to go USSJ. In the show (manga) they all could, it just happened that Trunks used it to the fullest...