1. P


    cell is a big fat lier i mean he told trunks that vegeta was no match for him and trunks thought that too but really vegeta knew his limits and if he wanted to pump up his muscles as trunks did he could have but the muscles would slow him up and he would've moved like a turtle and heres the...
  2. Z

    trunks with long hair prolly for esf and hl2

    yeah i thought start on it to this trunks always was my favourite and seeing the others making it it kinda made me want to make it to so i did ^_^ c&c ?
  3. T


    well i've managed to stay off wow long enough to make this I dont like the jacket that much and I tried to make the arms less cylinderised. anyway which version of trunks should I make, long hair or short? polycounts at 778
  4. C

    trunks question

    is there way on evm to switch from saiyan armor to vest as trunks, because on my bro's computer he is in saiyan armor, and on mine he is in vest. he wants to switch back and forth
  5. ReCkOninG of FirE

    Trunks without jacket, long hair, maybe release for ESF??

    O.0 Damn i wipped this up in 3 hours, i had a lot of proportion errors and everyone on msn helped me, but cruzharo gave me godsend refs :D thx alot buddy he helps me heaps, now this actually looks half decent This is a wip and isnt finished, im planning to do normal version of hair and redo...
  6. Mr. Phonso

    ssj long hair trunks

    been working on this for some time.. i hope to finish this asap
  7. Gama

    Trunks + Goku

    did these today:
  8. D

    USSJ Trunks Model

    Does anybody have the USSJ Model of Trunks when he wears the blue saiyanwarrior suit
  9. Mr. Phonso

    future Trunks

    heres my wip, im leaving the sakura to elemental since i cant do much more on it since i dont know jack about her porportions
  10. ZeroNightmare

    Trunks Plothole thing...

    Ok. In future trunks time, goku and everyone dies right? right. if that happened... how the hell did he get his sword. ss3 goku and all the other people were needed to kill hildegarn.
  11. Herms

    Trunks and Goten Clerification

    first off... THIS HAS NOTHING TO DO WITH FUSION OR GOTENKS SO DON'T EVEN MENTION THE WORD! I think that goten and trunks should be one of the buddies they fight as a team all the time and it just doesnt seem right to have a buddy system without them in this so I just want to know how menny...
  12. S

    trunks transformation

    hi there i play ESF for some mounds now the trunks transformation is nice but it can be nicer like the transformation that trunks has when frieza return to the earth that transformation is really cool i hope you undersand greets, sweet now a really ESF fan
  13. VeGeTTo


    found it on a website: like it? P.S. i don't know japonese so i don't know who made it :) ></a>
  14. S

    ANOTHER trunks sword/melee idea

    scince trunks is apparently a melee only character and he has a sword i think there should be a new method of melee for him.... lemme explain, with a lil diagram, cuz i got bored =0 okey, Im gonna call it sword melee 1) you're swooping along as trunks, and you hold both mouse buttons...
  15. ShadyD

    Future Trunks

    well im a amateur/noob moddeler in humanoid shapes but i'd love to create DBZ Models. also started working on The Power Within mod for jedi academy (NOT RIPPED NAME!! I found out later that a dead ut2k3 mod has the same name) all was going pretty well untill the point i had to do the head/hair ...
  16. C


    I know trunks is weak atm . almost evryone can beat a trunks . so i suggest to give em a 3th trans the half ssj ... i saw him go in that stage at the frieza earth saga were he goes ssj for first time on earth then hes hair just came like ssj but stil bleu (srry im a bit colorblind) but its is...
  17. X-boy

    Trunks Melee Idea

    How about when you press 1 Trunks will use his hands and when you press 1 again he will unsheath his sword. In that way there will be balance and he can use both his Hands and Sword for Melee and Advance Melee purposes. Hands- No Speed Decrease w/ Less Damage Sword- Speed Decrease w/High...
  18. D

    When Does Trunks use the flamethrower attack???

    did he do it in a movie or something,if so tell me which one cuz i have yet to see him use it in the show.(off topic but have to say,DBZ is finally on the air on cartoonnetwork again,comes on just b4 adultswim and is in the saiyan saga right know,its been to long since this loved anime was on tv)
  19. S

    My new Trunks siggy

    This is my new comic-like sig :laff: What do you think?
  20. Growler

    Trunks Art (multimedia)

    Trunks Art (mixed media) I was just sketching in class today, and I thought this one was commin out good, so I outlined it and shaded it. I used no references