1. TehMuffinMan

    Master Aura!!!

    Brought to you by the Trusty BOSS group, In this weeks latest installment, we have the worlds greatest aura modification, The MASTER AURA! This quality model will encase your player in the BOSS groups amazing aura, this amazing product is only going for £2.99, buy now and get a...
  2. E

    Multiple Transforming

    Can you make that goku and other transform in multiple levels
  3. Stanz

    New Vegeta Transforming

    I thought the transformations on esf were great when i first saw them and made alike to how they realy happened in the movie, but I eventualy realised that in the movie they often had good quotes and stuff to go with them and they just dont say anything on these, so...Ive replaced trans.wav and...
  4. D

    sound when transforming

    Can somebody help me: When i turn super saiyan i don't hear the sounds of it please help
  5. G

    Problem with transforming

    Can I transform in ESF cause everytime i try my esf crashes. Is there any way to prevent this? It's getting really annoying because i have to kill so many bots to get the high powerlevel and the game always crash. Plz help me sumone!!
  6. KilledWithStyle

    PL raise when transforming

    ITs jsut for effects and its also for if youhave yoreu scouter on, you can see (s)he is transforming: When you start the transform, youre power level verry slowly goes up Small incriments at a time. Then in middle it goes up as fast as it goes down (it goes up in power level as if you had...
  7. HyperSaiyaman


    Please, i need help, if any1 know if there is any pages with freeza last transf. pleae give it to me, i saw a gif image with a freeza transf. spinnig doing all transformations, please if you have those files plase post them here, and soccer plase fix that bandwith excceded problem.
  8. D

    R there any new transforming sounds for adult gohan??

    I have a sayaman model and he rox but he kinda needs like better sounds and stuff. Does anyone know a site or something where i can get sounds for an adult gohan transformation, masenko, and shield attack? Thanx
  9. Jonesdaniel

    ssj and transforming

    How do i find out at what point i can turn ssj etc.. thanks for replys in advance
  10. K


    now in newer versions will u be able to say. Transfrom from regular gohan to ssj.. then when ur pl is high enough go from ssj to ssj2? or with goku go to ssj... get the pl... then go ssj2...3..4.. or so on without having to change ur character?
  11. V

    Transforming / Turbo

    Is there any way you can add in being able to transform while in turbo mode. still keeping it like you can only transform 4 ex. vegeta having to be 2mil+ before he can transform w/o turbo? ~RAGE
  12. Bryggz

    USSJ trunks model edit release!!

    Hey everybody i remade styreta's armored trunks model and made him more ussj-ish, gimme some comments if u may ;-) Click here for pics
  13. M

    Transforming while in ps or bs

    Ya know, don't ya think that you should be able to transform while your in a ps or a bs. Wouldn't that be cool. I mean they did that in the show right. Of course you would half to be at your perfect transformation level that way it would trans in an instant and that would be the only way you...
  14. S

    Transforming problems

    when i press z to transfom the game crashes
  15. G

    we shuld not be able to be hit when transforming

    We should not be able to be hit when transformaing, all know it suck when you transform and yu get a melee :/ after, can you'll be SSJ2, 3 and USJ i the next release (beta 2 or B1.1) ??? if yes, at which level? so if yes SSJ2? SSJ3? USJ?
  16. H


    I'm new to playing ESF and I want to know how to transform during play
  17. M

    Opinon poll: which model needs tweaking?

    Which model in your opinion needs to be tweaked or replaced? For me its Cell form 2 he's too skinny(gotta look more buff), abit too short & i'm sure his knee's knock together when he runs. No disrespect to the team modeler(s) but compared to the other character models, Cell's second...
  18. S

    transforming + powering up

    hey I think when you powerup or transform there should be bigger rocks flying up and shattering into smaller ones. also when you are transforming there should be some force, when someone is on a pl close to yours they get pushed back and moving forward towards the guy transforming is...
  19. D@nte

    krillin transforming

    Why is it so hard to transform with krillin. At the beginning his powerlevel is way lower then required for transformation. you have to play for like half an hour but then the maps have already been changed so you have to start over. :\ Is there an easy way to make him transform earlier in...
  20. M


    My suggestion for the game is... How about when the characters transform, that no one can be able to stop them. Because if you haven't noticed that every time someone transformes in the episodes, no one really interferes, or cant even if they tried. I recall Future Trunks trying to stop Cell...