1. S

    When transforming....

    I was thinking when someone transforms instead of them showing the animation then all of a suddon thier powerlevel doubles...what if thier powerlevel would rise as the animation happened. So when, lets say Goku first transforms, his powerlevel would rise quikly as the animation happened, that...
  2. P

    Suggestion on Transforming in Beta 2

    I think the transformation should blow people away whoever is near the person transforming:fight: Im tired of being kicked in the face when im about to ascend to the next level or have to deascend because I see some goofy ass guy coming towards me:\ I don't really remember if it happen in the...
  3. 2

    Transforming sounds.

    Hey guys, i got a question for you all....... Transformin sounds are ok but, get longer sounds like more struggleish ones ive been watching DBZ for like ever, and for each char there should be a longer screaming and some better sound fx for everything like explosions,beam blasts ect... well...
  4. S


    Sorry for this stupid thread, but how do you transform and punch and kick?
  5. TwisteR


    how will the transformation work? will you become invournable for a short period of time or what?
  6. Frieza

    Transforming Question

    Sorry If this has been asked 1) When you transform , then die You keep ur pl right? So u can transform as soon as u come back? or do u stay on stage 2? 2) when u transform do u have to stay like that? can u go back to normal 3) While your transforming if someone kills u what happens...
  7. Krazy-Killa

    Fading in and out of SSJ while transforming.

    I know what you might be thinking.... "No it won't be done, too laggy." But if you could just take the time and read what I have in mind you might be interested. Ok here goes. What I was thinking instead of having the entire model change back and forth, what about skin, since I believe the...
  8. Gambit

    when transforming instantaniously

    when you've already gone ssj and gone through that long transformation. The following times you just transform instantaniously right? well from the new movie of vegeta transforming i think you should add that exploading ring of ki that was included into vegeta's transformation on the...
  9. N


    this is only my prefrence but.... is it possible to replace the sprite for the transformation with a ff explosion in dif colors for each char ie saiyans yellow, cell, pic green, krillin white or blue, frieza red or purple i just think itd be cool to have a sphere for the auras when they transform
  10. M

    Script for transforming?

    When i played ESF the other day a guy said he could transform becaus he had a if anyone knows where or if it exists please tell me ;)
  11. L33T ha4or

    Question bout transforming

    will they be bending back while transforming or crouching like when powering up? if anyones confused by what i mean ill post a pic
  12. Chimpbot

    Things to Gawk at!!!

    Vegetto.. Cooler transforming.. Cell.. Gawk, stare at, comment. Usual, 10-20 minutes per..quick drawings with a simple cheap pen. Enjoy :D
  13. D


    Just a few quick questions If u got time to answer them I'd be gratefull 1) Will Frieza be able to transform, if so to all 4 stages? 2) Will u be able to go ssj all the way to gold Ozuraa then ssj4? 3) Will there be more characters? 4) WHEN IS THE REAL THIBG COMING OUT?? Months,years...
  14. Wyatt

    beta transforming

    In the new beta version when your change level goes to full and you transform will you always be able to acces that form of super sayajin or will you have to start all over ech time you leave a server.
  15. E

    Final Flash and transforming music

    I'm just pointing out, which most of you guys all probably know, that Vegeta's arms aren't spread out the entire time he's charging final flash. As soon as it is ready to fire he should already put his arms in forward position. Also, I think it would be cool if when you transform the MP3...
  16. M

    Transforming to ssj.........

    MayB this is kewl The Idea | \/ I've heard that when u transform to ssj it takes a couple of seconds and then BAM ssj. But wouldnt it be kewl that when u press the button to go ssj that in the few seconds the aura around you gets bigger. Something like Vegeta the first time...
  17. I


    Í´ve a Question. At which Powerlevel does goku transform into a ssj?