1. Krazy-Killa

    New way of Transforming

    I know what your saying. Why we need a new way of transforming? Well the current way is kinda redundant, you press a button, you transform, then you start fighting. How about when you transform, you work your way up to your transformed state, and if you cancel it, you keep the power you were at...
  2. imkongkong

    Transforming ability

    Sometimes if you have a high PL on a server, say for instance, you're goku with 1,750,000 PL and you're able to transform, you die and then your PL would be lower than the set 1,750,000. Thus, not allowing you to transform again. I'm suggesting that if you have transformed to one level...
  3. C

    transforming in a PS

    when you transform while you are in a powerstruggle, the model isn't locked any more (like 1.1). it happens when you finish or stop the transformation
  4. P

    Transforming Spirit Bomb! 2 Ps At Once! Plz Discuss

    I think u should be able to shoot two Generic Beams at the same time but have them go in the same direction as ur cursor...such as if u do a PS with one Generic Beam you would be able to charge up the second one and send that one out to try to attack ur opponent while in PS or just do two Power...
  5. Goten-son

    transforming idea

    Well we all hate it when people trans kill so heres my idea. When you transform there will be a strong wind surrounding you, and any beam coming at you will get blow away tward the left or right and anyone around you will get blown back. BUT if your powerlevel is big enough, you can blow your...
  6. M

    King Cold Transforming ??

    Hey I just recalled King Cold is similair to Freeza from 2 , so i wondered would he be able to transform ?? , i guess we will never know Greetings Maistro
  7. Flying Dutchman

    immortal when transforming

    getting transkilled gets VERY annoying after a few times, please vote, you wanna be god during transforming or not
  8. F

    Hide your powerlevel and transforming perfectly

    -Being able to hide your powerlevel -A different button for tranforming perfectly..I like transforming for long
  9. S


    AS you all know, when your character has about 5 HP left, his powerlevel starts to drop in a backward counter way. My suggestion is that when someone is transforming, instead of a jump from eg 2,000,000 to 4,000,000 why not, as the transformation is taking place, make the Pl bar count up very...
  10. S

    TRansforming killers

    this should be made to not be able to be hit while transforming, i know when transforming u cant be melee'd and thats good but Blast trans killers are getting annoying.
  11. C

    A question transforming

    I have not been here in a while or played ESF for a long while school sucks anyway my question is: I use to know a way to fake a ssj2 transformation...frankly it got people in the server like O_O, or some in disbelief...(to an extent yes it is true you cannot go ssj2) but all I...
  12. K

    Music While Transforming

    Can you tell me why my music doesn't play while I acend to the next level PLEASE SOMEBODY HELP ME :cry:
  13. CS-LAND

    GodMod when transforming

    When u transform, u can't do nothing, u can't attack, BUT, others can attack and take hp from you. I suggest that when u transform nobody can take hp from you... like my idea?
  14. V

    Transforming trouble

    recently i decided to take up esf again after a bit of a break,and during the first game i played, when i tried to transform, none of the aura effects were there, i tried re-installing,playing around with the vid settings,and im out of ideas. I searched for this topic already, the 1 thread i...
  15. N


    how come in the unnoficial faq's it says you can transform while in a powerstruggle, how come i can't how do you do it?
  16. Jeroen2205

    multiple transforming

    in which beta version am i able to transform more times then just 1??? i think it would be great to, if i am vegeta, to become ssj, then ussj, then majin, then ssj4. with goku, ssj, ussj, ssj3, ssj4, and so on.
  17. G


    HOW DO I TRANSFORM ;( (yes, i read the manual)
  18. O

    Cell's Size

    This has no doubt been brought up before, but it's not mentioned recently and a quick search didn't reveal any topics. (Besides, how do you search for something quite this specific?) The current Cell form two model is tiny. He should be very tall - in the show, he's a full head above Vegeta...
  19. VivaLaPineapple

    fresh off photoshop

    new wallpaper i made
  20. DBZFever

    Suggestions for transforming.

    I read somewhere that the new esf (coming out in a year or so) will have all the transformations SSJ3. Well in the show when they trasnform they have to power up until thier power level is high enough for them to go SSJ3. My suggestion: Why dont you make it so that there are two power ups...