1. maxigt

    Ussj Vegeta that will or won't happen

    I made a ussj Vegeta, but my Milkshape 3D has expired, so I couldn't save it. One day I might (finally! YAY!) get the full version. But it may take a while. :cry: Here is what it looked like: <center>Original SSJ USSJ </center> Oh yea, credit to the ESF team, it's the...
  2. B

    damn skins

    how do i make skins on milkshape in windows XP
  3. S

    first wallpaper

    LOOK DOWN AT BOTTOM OF THREAD FOR UPDATED VERSION i got bored so i made it i know theres some problems with it but tell me what you think please and no this isnt the full size crits plz
  4. J

    Quick Halo 2 wallpaper

    crits and feedback plz.
  5. T

    SomeBody know a good Bojack trunks

    SomeBody know a good Bojack trunks :cry: OR can can someone make one for me :laff:
  6. ssj999vegeta

    which editor

    i wanna make my first skin but i dont know which editor to use,my photoshop doesnt do 3d models so thats out, ne1 no werei cn geta good model makin program????????
  7. Warrior_Elite45

    Can Someone Give Me A Basic Tutorial?

    Can anyone give me a basic tutorial on how to make like walls and stuff on Worldcraft? I have tried lots of things, but I'm not all that good at discovering new things, haha. So is there anyone who can post a lil tut for me here? It would be greatly appreciated.
  8. Baaja

    Map Help

    Guy's i need some help. The esf_rosat and esf_mid maps are all messy on my comp...they keep blinking in a greyish color. plz help.
  9. Skyrider

    sound problem/ and waterfall

    i got some sound mapping problem. i dont know how to add sounds in a map. well. i know how to. but there isnt comming sound ouT! and another question is my WATERFALL! i dont know how to add a waterfall!! ( with water falling down )plz help :) thkz lol.. ps how do i make things round?
  10. ultrassj_vegeta

    space things...

    just sum stuff i've been trying.. i don't really like the colours or anything for the nebula thing.. or the shapes.. it dusn really look rite.. but i was just tryin the effects.. so yah.. crits..
  11. DragonDude

    Right now it's just a prefab, hopefully a map later.

    I was thinking of new ideas for a map awhile ago, and I got one that I thought would look nice. It's going to be styled like Ancient Greece. Here are screenshots of what I was talking about in the title.
  12. Death The Jedi

    Johnny's Aura Color

    What color do you want Johnny's aura? Here's a pic of the model, so you can tell me what you think would look good:
  13. Mr. Buu

    Can any one make a map for me?? Please???

    I want a map with these things in it... - a sunny day - a reskin of the map esf_afm but without the mountains in the middle...instead put a arena in the the one in esf_cell_day -and with out the towers but bridges all around the map if any one can make a map like this and send...
  14. E

    compiling and loading probs... need assistance

    hi... err this be my 1st post k... my prob is im currently trying to test a map i made! however after compiling, i assume it should start up esf, but it just goes to cstrike load up screen (i run on cstrike retail rather than HL) and gets stuck saying map change failed. I have got everything...
  15. Pommy


    i suck so bad at art now. i havent used photoshop in a month and now I can't do anything. I don't know why does anyone know what my problem is help :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry:
  16. S

    Android_Road Map

    Hello ppl Some of you may know me from SoS. I'm Son Davie and I'm together with Micardi the Sound Artist of SoS. I have been latley in to the mapping for Half-Life and i Started trying to make a map. This is what it came out. Its based on the road where Vegeta and the others have fighted the...
  17. Demi-Shadow

    My first wallpaper

    Go here to view it. Bear in mind, this is the first image i've made at this size so it probably sucks in most peoples eyes.. but i'd like your opinions on it please.
  18. S

    freiza for skinning

    any one want to skin my freeza? its the form four frieza. please don't be to hard on me im new at this. credits to me and bfp model nad orig frieza
  19. fatmanterror

    my newest models

    hey ive been workin on this gohan here for about 2 hours, i see some things wrong with it but i cant put my finger on it exactly, could u guys help me by posting pics and comments, thanks! (note:the gi skin hasnt even been started and i know the feet are strange and there r no hands)...
  20. Jimesu_Evil

    Vegeta's Asteroid

    It would be cool if someone made vegeta's asteroid (the one he turned ssj on) complete with electrical storms, falling asteroids and a little capsule corp. ship. I know the asteroids would be incredibly hard to do, but in my theory it's possibe (I have very wierd theories).