1. TAz00


    Well I made a new map for the Neo clan... Not much to other than there will be a link to the map on thier website sooner or later. Me and [NC]ND are testing the map for errors and such at the moment....:yes: There is 2 secret rooms, or one of them is more like a tunnel shortcut.
  2. M

    Map: Kami's lookout/ROSAT ( picture inside )

    Hello people, let me show me some progress about the room of spirit and time / Kami map. crits, ideas, comments are always welcome ! Greets , and take care :yes:
  3. TehMuffinMan

    Non player .mdl help

    righty then... you know the .mdl's that are in the esf/models section.. the ones that are NOT in the player section like sbc.mdl. im having problems with them and im shure many others do too.. you try it... decompile one of those models in ms3d then try and compile without chaging...
  4. S

    [Input needed] SSJ Cow

    I'm almost done modeling my cow, so: What should be cahnged when SSJ? Model changes or just texture changes? Or: Add SSJ hair from Vegeta? If you have suggestions please tell me.
  5. Marauder


    well, i made this wp, took me 6 hours to render it >_< well,maybe not looking like it, but this is the most complex render i made, built from all the things i learnt.. added some things to it in ps7, dont think its done yet, might find more things to add later.. hope u like... (the pic came...
  6. Bryggz

    new jacket for gotenks, like better?

    hey guys i made a new jacket for my gotenks pack cause the old one kept haunting me, tell me what u think and remember, give me help on how to make it better, dont just say it is bad (if u think so) cause i honestly think this one either #1 is or #2 could be better new one and...
  7. G

    requests for models to make

    alright people im getting a modeling system and i have no idea on what models to make so heres the deal u give me requests and ill see if i can make them cause they would be great cause i have ideas all make some new attacks and all and a speacil power up anyway how about this u tell me and...

    My, lets say. . . . . first map

    Tell me what you think. <font face="verdana" size="1" color="red"><b></b><br><br></font> :notice: But theres a problem and I can't play on it, Hammer crashes when i want to compile. I only changed the sky to func_wall -> move to...
  9. B

    Too many normals HELP!!!!

    I working on a Gret trunks model but always when i will compile it its scream TOO MANY NORMALS!! is there a way to compile it??
  10. Death The Jedi

    I wuz bored...

    so I made this: tell me what you think **EDIT** Futora Warfare is a mod thingy for ESF that i'm working on, just thought I'd let you know
  11. Death The Jedi

    1st Grunge

    I made my first grunge thing.. it probably sucks, but let me know what you think.
  12. AscensionX

    Get the SSJ2 Aura HERE

    <TABLE style=filter:glow(color=royalblue, strength=#+9)>Released!</TABLE> I am not sure whether or not people are viewing the original thread, so instead I've put up this one. Get the Aura from my (crappy) geocities cite. Considering the file is a zip 14kb large pretty much the whole community...
  13. Black Saiyan


    does anyone have just blank model(just skin) so i can edit it??
  14. K

    New BG

    Just bored. Kinda added some stuff together. Used a bit from an Old BG and added it better ect.
  15. E

    another layout

    I made it for a clan: Here the link: click me
  16. TimTheEnchantor

    Remember the Holocaust Indy Art Image

    Remember the Holocaust..I know how this may be a horrifying subject to some, but here's a reality check, we don't want this to happen again...that's why we remind you...history shouldnt have to repeat itself in ways like this. Even nowadays, with all the potential of chemical warfare between...
  17. E

    EagleKing´s work

    so..I am gonna post all my work in this topic.Here some old stuff I have posted on RS some weeks ago in two posts (each posts a category) Abstract things(kinda wallpapers):
  18. Logan4434

    New Buu's release

    here are my new buu model's heres the link... and credits go to azn for the torso,bryggs for the jacket,and GG for the feet... lol forgot my skinner team...MysTix for the chest(which was a change from an azn skin.thx to you both :) i...
  19. F

    Help on photoshop

    meh, i just download *cough*bought*cough* photoshop, and i messed around with it for a while and realized i have no idea what im doing, and all the tutorial on the internet dont help on making sigs, so im wondering if some1 would be nice enough to help meout:D ;D