1. D

    Legal Funding?

    I realize that asking money for a mod based on a copyrighted and trademarked theme is illegal. I realize that making a kickstarter to help support this mod would similarly be illegal. Is there no way to make a paypal button so that we could donate money "because reasons" without it being...
  2. zmaster

    can this support it

    can intel celeron cpu b815 support SSE2
  3. F

    iTunes Support

    I thought that it would be a good idea to have in-game iTunes support for ESF: Final so that you do not have to ask Bruce Falconer for his songs, for example we could just BUY the songs and use them in-game. P.S. You could also have windows media player support too...
  4. |klaus

    Translation support in ESF 1.3 FINAL [if exist tutorial mode]

    If you are going to do a tutorial mode. Would be interesting if that part is available in multiple languages. I'm not saying you translate it. A week or month before the release, publish a text to translate or something like that. And then it will be like language packs ... that could come...
  5. wheres_

    ESF 1.3 Japanese voice support?

    I don't know if this has been bought up recently since I haven't been around for a while. Will this be a feature, or has it been cut out of the game? I don't care if the lip syncing doesn't work I'd just like the option, please!
  6. L

    ESF 1.3 Multi Core Support

    First of all I'm not even sure HL Engine supports dual core but will ESF Team touch some parts of the engine and make it support dual core , triple or quad maybe if possible? I have read ESF 1.3 will require substantial more resources than previous versions so doing this move would make sense...
  7. T

    I can't open a local server, and I can't post in Support Area

    First of all, I already validated my account, and when I try to acess the support area I go to the validation page, where after put my login and password, I get this message: Account already verified But my problem is, that after installing ECX, when I try to Create a Server, my screen get...
  8. Skyrider

    Half-Life Steam Verification - Required for Official Support

    Please remember that the verification not required for browsing and posting on the forums outside the support sections of ESF. It's only required when you are having in-game issues / troubles with Earth's Special Forces and wish to gain some help from the community and team members...
  9. EvolutionX

    Support :D

    Its time for support xD. I have a problem with half life mods (esf,cs "and also a half life"). When i play like an hour some mod or half life, after 1 hour the game is speed up. What can i do? Im using a steam. And another question. Is this problem have connection with graphich card?
  10. Skyrider

    ESF Forum has now Mobile Support

    For all those Mobile iPhone, BlackBerry, Android and Nokia users out there, you can now use your mobile to browse and post on the forums properly. Please read further to get more information. There are 2 ways to browse the forums mobile style. 1), The first forum themes (all 3 normal...
  11. Deathshot

    PWN'D Support Group Hahaha oh man. Hilarious.
  12. Mous4u

    Please Help Support Us At "Darkinferno0 Forums"

    hello everyone can you help support us at DarkInferno0 Forums.heres the link xx --me and my friend we talk on MSN and he got an idea of the forums he got some members to join but for a forums its a empty can,plz help support us register at the forums plz,we only have 6 members registered so plz...
  13. The Deco

    Please support

    This is a petition about resisting the people in Iran getting slaughtered because they are rebeling against the election that was faked in Iran lately. Maybe it wont help, maybe it will in someway. If that is what we can do currently im...
  14. Zeonix

    Martial Soil Could Support Life

  15. VideoJinx

    Meet Obama, are you sure you want to support him? I mean, come on.. it's just a picture. All he had to do was stop walking stand still for a few seconds and smile. This clip could show another side to Obama not seen on tv. ( this doesn't mean to support...
  16. DJ-Ready

    No official support!

    Got a problem with ECX? Don't know how to transform to SSJ8 and such? Ask here, somebody from the community might be able to help you out. If not, not our problem. Since this forum is dedicated to 3rd party ESF modifications and addons, we will not give any kind of support for those...
  17. vinay87

    How do I find out whats the best video card my mother board will support?

    OK My mother board model is KOB P4M266 NDFSMx I google for it, but it doesnt give me much details on whats the best graphics card itll support. Since its outdated, I dont suppose the site gives much support on it anyway. I just want to max my pc out before heading on to a totally different pc...
  18. SailorAlea

    XB360+HP L2335 1080i/p support

    I've been playing my XB360 hooked up to my L2335 ( You have to copy+paste this link into the browser)), and it works in 1080i--but according to the OSD, it's only 1804 x 1015 resolution, rather than the 1920x1080 resolution I know 1080...
  19. Phobius

    Got to love the cable/internet tech support.

    Well a few weeks ago my gf decided to get this new fancy internet phone thing without telling me because I was away on work for about 3 days. Anyways she called ahead to bell(My phone service company) and told them to disconnect our phone line on the 8th or something like that when the next bill...
  20. M

    Source to Support Multi-Threading

    Source: Discuss!