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  • I need to get used to actually using these new features.. BEFRIEND ME! <Shifty eyes>
    I'm glad you've come around. I was beginning to worry that you didn't understand man-love and all of its intricacies. Now if you'll excuse me, I have to go pop 4 collars and spike my hair, after which I'll blow my friend in a totally hetero way.
    Shame on you, Alea. Neither loving a man, nor wanting to feel a Brother from the inside makes him ghey. There is no greater love than that of two men, no greater comfort than being held in your man friend's arms, weeping gently, seeking the kind of warmth that only a man could give. Or a very large woman. Whichever is available at that moment.
    It's a scene from the Real World, where the "tough guy" of the bunch breaks down and cries after pouring his heart out to the others. They had been playing that scene in the previews for months, and it made a bunch of my friends laugh because of how...I don't know, pathetic, it was. Under his tough guy exterior was a little boy desperate for attention, and willing to do anything to get it. Sounds familiar, but I can't quite put my finger on it.

    The "**** Yeah" part was just a forum thing where's_warren and I were doing in the force pit and social group areas.


    Pick up line Number 3:

    Does this rag smell like chloroform to you?
    Do you have a boyfriend? [No] Want one? [Yes] Well, when you want a MANfriend, come and talk to me.
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