1. Nick_Da_Wizard

    One Piece drawings and requests

    im gonna be doing one piece drawings (and request drawings here) enjoy :) Uploaded with
  2. EvolutionX

    Model Requests

    Hi. Where i can get this models There are awesome. PLS Somebody tell me!!!
  3. K


    hello, i would like the EEA Setup if someone still has it aaand :P the snow swf thingy from this forum pls :D:devil:
  4. Nemix


    hello, i would like the EEA Setup if someone still has it aaand :P the snow swf thingy from this forum pls :D:devil:
  5. S

    2 signuture requests

    okay one is for another forum. what i would like for this one is a mixture of dbz and naruto. goku, naruto, vegeta, sasuke, gohan, gaara, trunks, sakura and in the middle can it say Raku. and the rest just surpise me. and the other one is for here. just and image of goku, vegeta and in the...
  6. Vash_Locke

    Model Requests

    Howdy All im new to modelin And id make some these models myself but i cant get the hang of it yet so i was wonderin if someone could make some of the followin Models for 1.2 Normal: Super gotenks Transformed: Ssj 3 gotenks Normal:Cell.jr transformed:Cell Jr (Beefed up) Normal: Great...
  7. Gama

    Taking requests

    Ok guys im taking requests for sigs cuz i ant made some in sometime and am scared that my little skills have gone so u got a request for a sig for me to make just shout it out here and ill get on it must supply stocks as im lazy to look
  8. W

    1.3 patches or requests for 1.3?

    are you going to make the dragonballs official? (no longer an experiment) cuz im having problems with that and they are pretty kewl and are you going to add new characters after 1.3 has come out or within it because i would like to see brolli in ESF but if you are not planning on adding him...
  9. Catman

    Teh sig requests >.<!

    anyone think they can make me another sesshomaru sig if u need any pics contact me..
  10. S

    Fight Club Character Illustration Requests

    I dunno wether to post this in here or the art section, but eh, here goes. Im not really into fight club, the thing stopping me being i cannot enjoy reading, im a much more visual person, so sorry for my lack of knowlage on these fights. Anyway, i do know that you use characters, and they...
  11. G

    my model requests, thnx

    ssj2 gohan(the one i have is ok, but the hair is too much like porqupine and when i turbo side-ways his hair waves to the side and mjorly grows out. a regular goku and a ussj goku model with kaio and roshi symbold on his clothes(the kaio sign goku pack from esf-world gives my a goku with a...
  12. G

    map requests to help me complete my concept of a great esf.

    obviously, these are not name requirements, im just usinf esf_ as an abstract example, as well as the rest of each name. these are ideas of what i need... esf_namek_truesize(a plain namek area, type of area where vegeta, gohan, or krillin just kinda flew across, it has to be as absolutely...
  13. G

    i have 3 different map requests

    ok my first 1 would be called esf_destruction basically i want the exploding namek map where goku went ssj vs frieza. u know, frieza's ship, lava cracks(very small, but enough for a body to fit through into the lava), a giant heated hole, smashed rocks n' stuff, u know. if possible id...
  14. <_SSJ2 Gohan_>

    map requests

    i got a couple of map requests 1st of all,SOMEONE MAKE A KAI PLANET MAP IVE SEEN SO MANY IN DEVELOPMENT AND THE PEOPLE WHO WERE MAKING THEM JUST DECIDED TO GIVE UP BECAUSE IT WAS "BORING" 2nd of all, make a dying namek map. i saw one that optional was making but it was only for the movies...
  15. X

    ~~ Two Requests ~~

    Here I go again... >_< Final Fantasy - Need a FF Sig, using "Final Fantasy - Cover Art". The type of art you see on the Cover of Final Fantasy games beside the Title... XenoGears - Need one with anime-styled images of the XenoGears Characters. Any will do I'll only be using one of...
  16. N

    Forum Requests

    ok it seems like the Request Forum needs some help so i have a suggestion for it .. cause it's gone mad i tell you over 40 requests for same character.. ok here goes my idea don't fall asleep as you read. make an post everyone can edit and then list characters that are requested besides them you...
  17. M

    2 requests, SPL AND OTHER!

    HOW do I change my starting power level in a server - mine and this one also! mainly that one - above - please I need an answer to it!!!!!!! or if I have a lan game in my house... I mean - which *.cfg file do I need to edit and what is the...
  18. Gogeta91

    edit model to fit esf trunks

    theres a model i found that sux and could sumone edit it to fit the original esf trunks. put on the capsule corp skin with a sword i doesn't hav a sword. and when it does b attack f buster and ki beam he does sumthin wierd if u could edit it tnx. here it is...
  19. Gogeta91

    edit model to fit esf trunks

    theres a model i found that sux and could sumone edit it to fit the original esf trunks. heres the link
  20. L

    vagetas plz!

    can some one give me ssj4vegeta bebivegeta and ssj4 bebi vegeta plz all sites that got are offline but all the stickies dont either so can u plz send em in e-mail ive tried the request but no has sent sumpin back plz send t [email protected] thax agin ps also brolly if...
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