my model requests, thnx

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Jun 29, 2004
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ssj2 gohan(the one i have is ok, but the hair is too much like porqupine and when i turbo side-ways his hair waves to the side and mjorly grows out.

a regular goku and a ussj goku model with kaio and roshi symbold on his clothes(the kaio sign goku pack from esf-world gives my a goku with a halo who stands like a soldier while in turbo or double tap flying)

frieza form 4(esf-world ones=huge head small body:( )
and a muscle pumped frieza @ 100%power.

pikkon and another pikkon with some weighted clothing off.

cells saga trunks:lon hair, bulma armour, buffer
^ trunks ssj2>>very big

ussj vegeta(the one i have looks like ussj trunks from the back, ussj vegeta's hair should be like ssj but split a bit and a few mm bigger)

perfect cell(kinda shiny like in da show)

if some people can make these that would be cool.
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