1. L

    can i have baby vegita

    can i have baby vegeta and ssj baby vegeta if checked everywere stickies and search i alrady did a post but no one ansewerd humpzor did but they didnt work plz thanks can i have vegeta ssj4 also i found it but no files i it send to this e-mail and tell me if u do send them so i...
  2. Gogeta91

    new modeler,lookin for ussj trunks

    Hi im a new modeler and i love playin ESF. I want to know if nyone has a Ussj trunks model and/or tell me a great program to make them. :talk:
  3. J

    Any one interested in making this model?

    i just got don watching the GT Episode were Majin Buu and Uub fuse together and become Majin Uub, like what Piccolo and Nail did. And i was wondering if anyone has made or would be willing to make a Majin Uub model, you could have it so his normal would be the blue clothing he was wearing when...
  4. M

    can someone make me a form 1 frieza model that is worth my time

    there has to be a trans model that is the same!!!!! :]
  5. S

    request: cooler model

    i nned a cooler model can someone give me a link?
  6. C

    Sig Requests

    Well, I am taking requests for sigs. I am willing and able to make sigs for those in need. Please post what you want: Pictures,Colors,Text,etc. A link to the picture would be helpful. Here is some of my work:
  7. S

    SSJ4 trunks

    has anybody ever thought of making a SSJ4 Trunks model that would be somthing to see i tihnk
  8. W

    Gohan orange high school

    i wonder if there is an model of gohan when he was on this orange high school...?
  9. Shinkawa

    What happened to the sticky?

    I either seem to be hallucinating or something cause I remember there used to be a sticky that was about models that are released? What eve happened to that sticky?
  10. Eider

    VGUI-pack 2

    I dont now where to post this, but its related to models so here we go: (A mod should move this if this is in wrong sector) I DID NOT MAKE THESE MODELS now that that is clear, i want to state that I put some efford in this pack ( I once made one, u may remember). This pack contains VGUI...
  11. K

    Hey People's!

    Hey Im new to the forums, so if i do something wrong dont get mad, get glad! hehe...sorry, anyways i was wondering if there were any gohan models when he fights cell and hes got the pointy hair and the electric aura and stuff! Well if there is for 1.1, can u put the link on the forum for me...
  12. SSJ 4 Vegito

    SSJ 4 Vegito

    please somebody make a GT Trunks model
  13. Z

    Modell Request ..

    Well, It's a modell I'd personally like to have .. It's Van Fanelia from Escaflowne .. The modell is not to be undero 2000 polys, and I can do the mesh (skinmapp) myself .. However , if anyone helps me out , I'll make him a skinning video ;x . (shows my work) . Some referances can be found...
  14. JM LE FOU

    post you oozaru model here!

    evrybody are busy to make models of buu or vegita what about the oozaru model?? in bfp (dbz quake 3 mod) you can play with the normal oozaru ,ssj oozaru and babe oozaru. so please make a oozaru for the esf !! i search pics of oozaru from the show...
  15. T

    Request: Frieza form 3 link

    if someone could just private msg me the link for that frieza...i know the address isnt supposed to be posted publicly. thanks. o_o
  16. GMan

    DBZ Gifs

    I've made a collection for myself because I was very bored. "Original" are GIFs that I've created from episodes, and "Edited" are GIFs I've found somewhere on the internet and have tried to improve a bit. I only posted my favorite GIFs that looked good...
  17. U


  18. M

    Please all you good Modelers !!!!

    Hey i have a Question last time i was looking on Gokus ssj Hair in ESF and then i see his hair in the series so i was asking can some modeler make a goku with Hair something more like this : If anyone could do that thx !!!
  19. dillinger smith

    Nappa model, Please...

    Now, I just want to start off by saying I am sorry if this has been suggested before, and I searched the forum for this and didn't find it (looked and used the search button). Now I was just wondering if any one has made or wants to make a nappa model... because I love nappa he is a true sayan...