map requests to help me complete my concept of a great esf.

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Jun 29, 2004
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obviously, these are not name requirements, im just usinf esf_ as an abstract example, as well as the rest of each name.

these are ideas of what i need...

esf_namek_truesize(a plain namek area, type of area where vegeta, gohan, or krillin just kinda flew across, it has to be as absolutely large as possible, wide, spacious.

esf_namek_explode(the terrain where goku fought frieza when namek was going to explose.)

esf_snakeway(i already have this, but its not great and id like if possible, if you can run around upside down on the king kai planet.

esf_ht_huge chamber(largest possible!!!!!!!!!! time chamber as white as can be)

esf_mysterious_sea(a huge sea map where u are only underwater, and maybe a compact space above the water surface. this map should have some deep pits with lots of long tunnels connected to other tunnels, and alcoves, etc. water should make it hard to see far like in ape_ocean in

esf_grand_canyon(map of the grand canyon, having a huge gao, very deep, lots of alcoves, etc. maybe use a fog effect in the huge pit)

esf_thelookout_gt(same lookout, but with the ability to leave alot of permanent damage on the lookout and maybe can be broken up a bit

esf_gtplanet_m2(the metallic city area, with some open space, but everywhere and the ground is metallic, maybe some real trees but are metal, thats what i remember in gt, goku tried to eat a metal red apple.

esf_frieza_zarbon(some outdoor namek area, and frieza's big spaceship where u em and zarbon looking for vegeta, big inside of ship, with hallway that runs round and round with lots of rooms, etc and MAYBE A LITTLE HEALING STANDING REHABILITATION CHAMBER THAT VEGETA USED IN DBZ, BUT U CAN USE IT URSELF.)

esf_db_monkeyfst(a random forest from dragon ball where monkeys fooled around with goku)(not christmas trees, more like long trees with circular green area)

esf_babidi_ship(open area with a small pile of rocks u can hide behind at edge of map, and huge inside to babidi's ship including lots of levels and babidi's glass ball area and that majin devil guy's(cant remember name) glowing dark red meditation chamber)

esf_gero_lab(large mopuntain area with an alcove and gero's sorta small lab)

esf_trans_cell(island and ocean area where cell fought vegeta, trunks.)

esf_db_findstone(cliff and forest area, and a small house, where roshi tossed a stone for krillin and goku to find)(lots and lots of trees, try to make no lag though)(cliff should be a long fall into forest)(make roshi's room how it would be)

esf_kais_planet(supreme kai planeet area where gohan wielded the Z-sword)

esf_gohan_school(area where orange star highschool is)(make inside of school huge, similar to a level in 007 only not nearly the same genre and bigger, bigger rooms, etc...classrooms, washrooms, etc. and outdoor area)

i know this is alot, but there is no rush for anyone who will help me.

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