1. Wuying Ren

    Two model requests

    Can anyome try to make a ssj4 Gogeta and/or a Oob/Uub model ?
  2. T

    Models and Model Edits For Beta 1

    *make sticky* In here i will post links to models for beta 1 to download. *no posting useless chat in here*
  3. M

    Can someone make me a sig?

    Title is pretty self explanitory. That or could someone send me to a sight where I can learn how to make some really cool sigs like I have seen on the forums. Mainly I just want one with these things in it. A couple pictures of Mystic Gohan, somewhere on there it saying Mystic -X-, and the...
  4. T

    Another Skin Request

    Was wondering if someone could make some skins for Gohan, these are the requests 1. Gohan in gokus clothing, like in the movies, forget which one :rolleyes: 2. Gohan in ROSAT training suit, like vegetas Thanks in advance ;D
  5. S

    Shadow ace's art gallery

    I'd like you all to judge my artwork, i'd like you to name me your 3 favorite and 3 least favorite sigs. Also if you have any sig requests please send them or pm them here. thanks, and please, my threads on this topic always end up with 100's of views but no posts...
  6. Synth

    Model Request

    As you can see I am a big Tekken (Anime, Fighting Game) Fan and of course Hwoarang is my favorite character Front View Back View i would really appreciate it if someone (Metro, Vassago, etc) made me a Hwoarang model for Half-Life, that i could use in ESF. Not to take away from...
  7. A


    HII!!!!! i just want to ask if someone could make a Background for me in the size 1280x1024??? i know its big!! but i really want it pleaz!! Picture on........ Brolly (LSSJ/USSJ)....... Trunks(SSJ/USSJ)........ and uhmmmmm finally Gohan (SSJ/SSJ2) PLEAZ!
  8. S

    Important:REAL ART!

    i made this on my new tablet in about 30 seconds... enjoy :D btw his name is moho
  9. O


    Make me a sig an i can get u anything you want u dont need to host it