1. D

    ozaru request

    hey can some one make a ozaru for vegeta ssj hmm it must be huge and look great i tried too model one but it was too difficult :devgrin: plz do me this favor
  2. Lethal_Vegetto

    Is there a Buu Saga Vegeta Model?

    Ive been looking everywhere. And i cant find one. Ones that i have found dont work. Like the .zip or .rar has a corupted file in it. Plz tell me where i can get a Buu sagga Vegeta model for beta 1.1. Thx
  3. t he OnE Z Er0

    could someone do something about that kid buu they put in

    i think that buu needs more work and needs to be for 1.1

    MSJ gohan

    Can someone make a Megasaiyan Gohan. Here is what it look like. :notice: Normal Gohan body. :notice: Hair that are like ssj2, but green and much more. If you whant pics, I need a good host. Sorry for don't post in the request thread, but in this way I have a better overview. I...
  5. AscensionX

    Hi Magus

    WHERE THE HELL IS THE 'requests' forum? lol i have nfi where it is. And i was Merely asking for help with a sound pack. I've already started the model, the plan was to start the thread first and post pics according to the peoples responses. Delete this if you want, i dont see how closing it...
  6. G

    Kaio question

    Is it possible to make like øøh kaios planet and make models like kaio just standing in front off the hoause and just loking around. that would be cool ps. they shuldt be a part off the map not ``fill´´ (so to speak) the map o_o
  7. G

    Goten beta 1.1

    please make a Young Goten normal+ssj for beta 1.1 the old one dosent work just look here after i fiered blueatack
  8. Freezer 75%

    Frezia Final

  9. Lethal_Vegetto

    I Postes about this a while ago..

    What happend to someone making a teen gohan in his Birthday unigorm. The one with the white shirt and purple pants and shoes like krillins. Please tell me if anyone will make something like this for 1.1? Thx
  10. Y

    Buzz Lightyear?

    Hello to everybody! I had an idea, which pleases me and I shall like subjecting it, what would tell you to do Buzz Lightyear????????
  11. M

    has someone link (from Zelda) or other models from zelda for esf 1.1

    has someone link (from Zelda) or other models from zelda for esf 1.1:cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: :cry: when yes the say it me [email protected]
  12. H

    Somebody Must Make Some Yu Yu Hakusho Skins!!!!!

    That would be soooo bad ass if someone made a yusuke, kuwabara, hiei, or kurama skin, ITS A GREAT IDEA, GO FOR IT!!!!!!!
  13. M

    Rurouni Kenshin Models

    i was wonderin if like sum 1 could possibly make models from rurouni kenshin like kenshin or Xenoske....i want some cool models :cry:
  14. C

    South Park Pack

    Can somone make a south park pack...u know make the models ( which should be easy) and the sounds should be easy 2. I just think that it would be funny to make.
  15. Imp.GuranGa

    Dabura ( esf )

    I'm making a Dabura for ESF here is a pic :laff:
  16. W

    Any websites for skins?

    U guys know any good websites to get skins from?
  17. DBZFever

    Could someone make this model for me

    Can someone make a model of Tidus from FFX?
  18. A

    Gohan Request

    Can anyone make adult gohan in his purple suit with short hair?I have a model but that 1 sux.It needs to be a good 1.When it transforms it need to be ssj3.WITH NICE HAIR not suckage.
  19. G

    requests for models to make

    alright people im getting a modeling system and i have no idea on what models to make so heres the deal u give me requests and ill see if i can make them cause they would be great cause i have ideas all make some new attacks and all and a speacil power up anyway how about this u tell me and...
  20. M

    Goku GT Adult wanted

    If anyone knows where i can get a Goku GT Adult model please post the Download link here !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thx for everyone