1. L

    Powerup Sprite Replacement

    Anyone know how I can replace/delete the 1.2 power up sprite? You know the white thingies going up all around the character? I've added to the game a lighting powerup but I can't get rid of this one but atleast replace it. Any help?
  2. Vladius

    Special Powerup

    I know that it has already been suggested , but those suggestions were not well thought-out The concept goes like this A character has a special transformation, it is achieved by power-upping with turbo till the maximum, then pressing the trans button Every character should have a different...
  3. DaisukeJP

    Insanely powerup notice.

    Wouldn't it be awesome if the screen blurred for a moment if someone did a significant power-up? like when goku comes out the time-chamber & power-ups @ korin's tower. the other feel it & the ground shook for a while. like this? :O http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DkG2zT0e1CY
  4. E

    Crash whenever Powerup???

    when i download esf open beta , i play and it throw me out without erros or whatever.. Then i down 1.2.3 version and i can get through it. But the real problem is.... Whenever i press button E to powerup , the game crashes, i try changin' the key but still no hopes:( Can anyone tell me the...
  5. K

    powerup sprite

    please help me o_o thx :D
  6. Nemix

    powerup sprite

    please help me o_o thx :D
  7. The Deco

    Aura powerup charge should be bigger

    Well as the show, when they do super battles we see them powerup charge alot. The current thing in 1.3 is that when you powerup charge the size of the aura is like a normal one. Im just saying we should do when you powerup charge making the model 25-50% more than usual, thats all. It happened...
  8. Arsenovicius

    [SPOILER] Holow Ichigo Powerup .v. 2

    Oh well i heard very nice critic from my first attempt with that aura :) Lets see... It has empty space..yeah and probably you may thing bad lighting too.. also render is bad cutted..But i think i love it already :yes: see it your self ^^...
  9. KidMan

    Removing Powerup!?!

    This thread got me thinking about the power up. Link: http://forum.esforces.com/showthread.php?t=65796 Why does ESF have powering up anyways? Grega pointed out that in DBZ, when any of the characters were powering up, that they did that to release all of their power and then it slowly...
  10. -Blaze-

    Can anyone help me making DBZ Budokai3 POWERUP?

    I've been learning to make sprites. So far i have made a nice flaming SB and two nice powerup spr's. Now im trying to make Budokai3 like power-up sprite. I just need a drawover how the sprite should be moving. I have made something like that, only when i power-up, it's kind of too much...
  11. D

    stamina powerup suggestions

    i dont have forcepit access so i dont know if this is confirmed to be in the stamina system but here are my ideas on the powerups you can get when THIS takes place When you you get your stamina thingy full you perform an automatic kaioken/rage technique, here i am to suggest what powerups...
  12. O

    Powerup suggestion

    Looking at the new POTW I thought it would be a nice addition. Since it looks like there will be many env_models (or w/e they're called) and since Frieza players will get some fun with them, I thought why not make them fly up like the stones you see when you charge (if they are close enough...
  13. imkongkong

    suggestion on the aura and powerup

    basically, make the turbo aura the same as the powerup aura
  14. S


    Ok here's my idea When you powerup you regain ki, and now its at max, no reason to use it anymore till your ki drops again right? Well lets stay that if you keep holding down the powerup button when your ki is fully charged, you'll gain pl, but at a very very slow rate. The rate would be high...
  15. F

    Binding powerup and turbo key

    Sorry, I'm not sure if this is the correct place to put it, if not please move it. Anywho, I was wondering if there was anyway to bind both my power up key and my turbo key to one key, with out the turbo turning off when I let go of the key. I know how to bind them to one key, but turbo turns...
  16. Son-Goku

    No Kiblobs, Diamonds, Powerup Rocks

    I have noticed a serious problem with ESF 1.2.3 My system: Pentium 4 1,8Ghz, 512 RAM, Geforce 2 Go (MX 100/200 Chip) I'm running the newest version of NVIDIAS drivers (66.93) and I use ESF with CS1.6. I don't see any kiblobs, no diamonds over players heads and also no 3D power up rocks...
  17. M

    Please Help, Make a powerup sprite the turbo aura

    So, the title says it all, I found this powerup sprite that i really want to use for the turbo aura, its lightning that circles around the person, and that would be cool, cuz i already have a powerup aura that looks exactly like the show, so im wondering if its as easy as renaming it, and if so...
  18. imkongkong

    Customizing the Powerup

    I looked at differnet parts of the forum and couldn't find my answer. Anyways, what do I need and have to do to make my own custom powerup? I've seen many different custom ones out there, and if anyone could inform me of the files i need to edit, and how to implement it, it would be much...
  19. wheres_

    powerup sound

    I dont know if one exists but i checked esf-world and they dont have a power up sound from budokai 1\2, that shhhew shhhew shhhew shhhew shhhew noise that appears as your charge your ki (I personaly dont have the game), it would be greatly appreciated if someone could rip that sound and cut it...
  20. I

    Powerup During Charging

    Hi There Is it possable to make it when you're charging and powerup at the same time. Also can this work on struggles like when beam struggles. Because then you give it as much power as you need. Then i thought that last forever if the PLs are the same. How bout extra stuggles like when you...