1. Xen Strife

    Broly's powerlevel

    so heres the deal what is broly's powerlevel when his in legendary ssj because i got an idea i want to shear. yes and i am kind of new and..... well you get the picture dont you so ty for the answer if it can be answered that is. And yes i have cheaked on google to but i still cant find out how...
  2. Kaination

    Powerlevel command suggestion

    You guys should seriously make it so that the pl command can only be used when sv_Cheats 1 is on. when sv_cheats 0 is on, you can't use it. It'd help in playing, so while your playing, some random guy doesnt come in with 1 billion PL and own you, etc. Just a thought :)
  3. ~*Logan*~

    Powerlevel control

    I'm pretty sure this is small considering it just has to deal with values, but I'm not 100% sure on the way you plan on handling powerlevel increases with each transformation. If possible, rather than a multiple increase, how about each transformation gives a set number increase? For...
  4. I

    plugin {powerlevel}

    where i can find plugin for esf 1.2.3 that my powerlevel be 100000000? pllz help..
  5. K

    Hp vs powerlevel

    Well i have read meny post and came up with this idea. In game there is feature when player has low hp 5 or 4 or what ever he starts to lose pl. However people would agree with me that it doesent happen wery often. But i think it should be changed. So how about make it like this the more...
  6. O

    Powerlevel changer

    I just wanted to know how i must install Esf_powerlevel_changer what Lynx has made
  7. U

    Is there a way to increase powerlevel

    Hi, just got the game. I was wondering, is there a command to set the powerlevel of your current character? I would like to see the transformations for each character and play around with them. Thanks. THE MOD RULES!
  8. S

    powerlevel while transforming

    first of all, i'd like to tell that i haven't been here for a while so if anyone suggested this before-- im sorry. anyway while you're transforming your powerlevel stands still and then jumps say from 2.000.000 (vegeta) to 4.000.000 (ssj) and i think that it would add a better feeling if when...
  9. M

    Does anyone know command how i can set my powerlevel?

    Does anyone know command how i can set my powerlevel? i wanted to know more easy way to test transformations :shocked:
  10. Ness

    Beam and Powerlevel increase suggestions

    Well, my first suggestion, is that all the signature beams should have a second function, when i say signature beams, i mean KameHame wave, Final Flash, Masenko, Mouthblast, Gallick Gun and Burning Attack. They should be able to disintegrate as well as just explode on impact, when i say...
  11. J


    Does anybody the RCON command for powerlevel, i want to make the power higher pls help me here or in icq 317430597
  12. O

    The 4 Saga's {OPTIONAL} Powerlevel Based

    Got some serious Suggestions Popping through my head though this one is the best amoung them. I'll give an example how it should work: Server "xxxxx" starts with a random map..map time is 2 hours (120 min) 1) The Frieza Saga takes 20 min. and starts.. {Powerlevels are based on Frieza...
  13. D

    beating powerlevel

    heres one, not sure if its any good or not though: how about as you get hit your pl steadily drops in compliance with your powerlevel like lets say you get hit with a genbeam and it does ten damage, your pl will steadily go down maybe 100-150 pl per 2 seconds (or lower) until it is in...
  14. D

    Is there a Console command to increase your PowerLevel on a Lan Game?(for fun)

    :confused: Is there and if there is plz post :confused:
  15. H


    hey how do you guys get your powerlevel above 100,000,000 without turbo. the most i have ever gotton was 125,000,000. and that was with turbo
  16. RavenTrunks

    Transformation/High Powerlevel Resistance.

    Ok this is about the scenario that everyone is worried about.... The "OMG a SSJ3! and I JUST joined the server" My idea is to have newcomers/newbies a fighting chance against the incredibly high and futile PLs you will see in 1.3 in servers lets say somones been playing and has a PL of...
  17. john_volkov

    What was your BIGEST POWERLEVEL ???

    OOO my bigest powerlevel wah 100.000.000whith Vegeta and 200.000.000 SSj and 250.000.000 whith Turbo
  18. U

    Powerlevel Changing

    Is there a server command for changing starting powerlevel of your server or changing powerlevel earned from melee hit or kill. I heard ESF Team created a powerlevel pluggin sometime ago from my friend but can't find it any where at ESF World or ESForces. Can some please tell me where I can...
  19. R

    Edit Powerlevel?

    Is there a way I can make all the characters have a super high powerlevel on my server? It would be cool to have and not waste time when i want to play other characters...Thanks!
  20. MickeyG


    My sugestion. if you have like.. 1000PL at max you can hide it from other people 0PL woulnt kill! if you kill people you get PL offcaurse and the maxPL will raise (in this situation 1000PL will be a new PL) my suggestion is.. Powerlevel Hiding so you can come in front of a...