1. M

    how do u start a match with full powerlevel???

    ho do you do it plz help me
  2. imported_Lone_WolF

    How Change PowerLevel when creat server

    :warning: How do i changing the starting powerlevel on my server??Please help me :)
  3. B

    Help!!! I don't have the status bar on my screen i can't see my powerlevel etc...

    Hi, I don't have the status bar you know my hp my ki my powerlevel thing that's on the left corner of the screen i don't have it i can't see it the only thing that i can see is my model that i'm playing with i can't even see the scouter on the right of my screen. How come i don't have all of...
  4. SSJ Xavier

    Start Powerlevel mutiplier, custom characters system, disabling advanced melee

    A/First of all, it could be cool if the admin is able to modifie the starting powerlevel of all players in the game with a starting powerlevel multiplier. B/Then, please add a system, which allow to create our own characters with a .cfg file, (similar to BFP's system) so we can configure their...
  5. NightShade

    Powerlevel. Should it be more then just a marker?

    Before sonic jumps in saying look at patch notes *pulls shotgun*. I think that the powerlevel system could be alot better. Right now. Powerlevel does not increase ki at all. only when you go super. Powerlevel is your atk and defense thats pretty much it. *and powerstruggle power* The...
  6. C

    Best Way to Raise Powerlevel

    I'm relatively new to this game, and enjoy playing as vegeta but can never seem to get the needed 2 million powerlevel to transform. So... I was wondering what is the best way to get the powerlevel needed for the transformation. Thank you. :)
  7. F

    Hide your powerlevel and transforming perfectly

    -Being able to hide your powerlevel -A different button for tranforming perfectly..I like transforming for long
  8. S

    Powerlevel in Melee

    Hi. I was just wondering if powerlevel plays any part in the number of random arrows that appears during a melee? If it doesn't, does anyone apart from me think it should?
  9. Krazy-Killa

    Automatic reduction, and increase of powerlevel.

    NOTE: Before I go on, please read it thoroughly before critzing. What I have in mind is this. Have the pl decrease to about 25% below their actual powerlevel. And when they're either turboing, charging an attack, or even in a melee fight, it should increase their powerlevel to their normal...
  10. D

    Powerlevel Server settings

    how in the config for the server to i tell it to increase for everyone the ratio of points they get for their powerlevel for hits and kills they get so i can have it so i can have people get super sayain level with in 10 mins of play as well as not loose powerlevel each time they die simple...
  11. warboy

    Powerlevel Bug

    ok on these server that had EVM and people was powering up to super buu and then killing them self and they got 30,000,000+ more powerlevel!O_O anybody that knows this thick please tell me, i want to try it:laff:
  12. T

    ESF 1.2 CTDB and senzu's, and powerlevel

    will there be any new improvements to the CTDB mode for esf beta 1.2 like say.... will any bugs be fixed... or ... will the dragonballs be compatible in many maps. :cool: . also.. will the senzu beans be the same or are they going to be spread all over the map in every map and will they be...
  13. U

    Starting powerlevel...

    Hi, i want to ask u guys how i can start with a powerlevel like bots (3.5 Million or higher). Please Help me :) thanks unplugged
  14. KaZaMa

    AMX powerlevel plugin??

    Is there any ESF related plugins for AMX besides EVM? I need one to change power levels.
  15. darknavigator

    PowerLevel Multiplier?

    Just wondering, are they going to change?
  16. M

    Lowest Powerlevel Contest

    I have seen many threads with a contest of the Highest Powerlevel so i though why not make one with the lowest Try To Beat This Entry only with Screenshots maybe the moderators can think up a price may the worst man win Greetez Maistro
  17. E

    powerlevel charger

    to make it more of a dbz game...they should be able to charge up a power level higher instead of gettin a differant one when u die or kill someone
  18. S

    iam new to this

    NEED HELP WITCH THIS i DL this majin vegeta that is suppose to transform diffrent but i have seen nothing diffrent i got it here http://www.gsf-united.de/frameset.htm its the majin vegeta pack and do i HAVE to have that exact model to have the transformation dffernt or is it a script? please i...
  19. S

    Powerlevel Changing?

    I downloaded a couple of those skins from GSF since RedSaiyan was down, but I think the powerlevels are a bit off. 600,000 starting level for Gohan, Mystik is a little off. Is there an easy way to change the PL's?
  20. O

    Starting powerlevel

    how do you set a starting powerlevel? ie, everyone starts 5 million higher so you can trans asap.