1. UltraVegetto2

    Powerlevels and Ascending

    What's up dear community, I have a few questions regarding powerlevels and acending. Firstly: Will combat be the only way to raise your powerlevel, or will there be other ways? Like in ECX RC2, where you can summon shenron and wish for "strength"? Secondly: How much effort will we have to...
  2. B

    Powerlevel dropping

    In esf 1.2.3 i noticed that everytime i died i lost some of my powerlevel. Will what happen too in Esf:final? because if so, it'll be a little difficult to progress in super saiyan form to the next level.
  3. MickeyG

    [ESF Beta FINAL] Powerlevel & some others

    Hey guys, i started playing the beta again to see how it was again.. now do i have some questions. 1. how can i change my powerlevel when playing alone (wanna test more then just the beginning state! hhaha) 2. is CTDB working in the beta or should i stop trying :P 3. i love how the new...
  4. sLaYeR

    Powerlevel changer in new version

    Is there gonna be a PowerLevel Changer in the final version of Earth's Special Forces?
  5. B

    Bigger Powerlevels?

    Are there gonna be bigger powerlevels? It would make the game more realistic because in esf 1.2.3 max powerlevel is 999,999,999 But gokus powerlevel as ssj3 in buu saga was around 700,000,000,000 according to daizenshuu. :D
  6. G


    http://www.failai.lt/rb5iegclni7z/esf_powerlevel_changer.rar.htm << Click here, and play ESF for full KI ! :) Mirror:
  7. V

    hallo and help!

    signed upp for the forum so i could get help for the 1.3 open beta powerlevel command. searched trough the forum and found that. sv_chats 1 restart powerlevel 1000000/10 000 000 should work. and i dont get any error or anything. it just wont change. and will esf open beta ever support...
  8. G


    Hi guys and girls i have a little problem,i m plaing esf 1.2.3 with bots,and my problem is i dont want to loose power level when bot kill me.I What to do if i want not to loose a powerlevel? i
  9. Flink_Power

    Esf 1.3 Open Beta Final PowerLevel

    Hi! I want have 1,000,000,000,000,000 powerlevel but i do not know how to make it:-/ It's possible? Thank's;)
  10. Z

    How do I raise powerlevel in 1.3?

    I know this is a stupid question but how do I raise my Powerlevel in the beta, I really wanna see the transformations, but the bots crash the game, and thats the only way I know how to raise it. Sorry if this doesn't belong here.:(
  11. toldea_vlad2008

    Powerlevel Changer

    Hi ! I just installed the latest version of esf (1.3) but i can't find a powerlevel changer plugin for it... Can you please help?? I'd be very happy:):) (!! Thanks !!)
  12. Mous4u

    Help Powerlevel Changer PROMBLEM!! MUST SEE!!!!

    ok i put powerlevel changer in Core/pluging/CORE/ETC And then when i open up my console i am being goku and i write in the console esf_powerlevel*Goku*13,832,00* and its says Unknown command and my pl not changed awswell someone please HELP ME!!!
  13. D

    problem with powerlevel changer

    NVM (erase this thread plz mods)
  14. hleV

    Starting Powerlevel (for 1.2.3)

    Original post in Allied Modders forums: http://forums.alliedmods.net/showthread.php?t=90454.
  15. Spunky

    Powerlevel Changer Plugin

    This has already been written (several times I believe) but I couldn't bear to look at the previous plugins, because they were formatted horribly or they were terribly unoptimized, or both. So I've written my own. Use it or don't, I don't really care. It's here if anybody wants it. You need AMX...
  16. esfman


    Can someone show me a tutorial for powerlevel changer for openbeta 1.3. I want to test out ssj.
  17. G

    Powerlevel cheat wont work for me!!

    Hey guys... I really love this game. I just wanted to test out what having full strength would be like... so I tried to do the powerlevel cheat. I followed all steps 1. Go into console 2. Type sv_cheats 1 3. type restart 4. Type "powerlevel 999999" or watever u want and it didnt work. Im...
  18. H

    movie powerlevel (from myspace blog)

    this powerlevel list was made by a lame dbz fan in myspace. pretty lame though pretty lame....
  19. V

    The powerlevel command...sorry to post again delete it..

    Sorry to post this again ,but please delete it tomorrow or somehting like that. So , i wanted to ask, if soemone can PM m the command for the powerlevel. And don't assume that i'll use it in multiplayer game, cuz i can't play online, so can u please PM me the command (the one for the open beta;)...
  20. R

    Server Powerlevel Problem

    Yeah hi I am not really familiar with ESF servers, so I started one and then did 400 K Damage (PL) and after I was killed, I respawned without the PL I gained the only difference was only 2 K PL increase! How do I stop this? Because I cant go SSJ with this, other servers dont have it....
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