1. S

    What are the console commands for this mod involving powerlevel?

    I want to know so i can see the different forms of each char. against bots to see which one i like the best.
  2. F

    Starting Powerlevel CVAR

    can someone tell me? or why dont want the team to tell someone, im 99% certain there is one please help me out, best regards,
  3. C

    Saving Powerlevel

    Anyone ever play on one of those counterstrike wc3 servers? Well basically its CS but theyve added in elements of war craft 3. You join up and pick your teams as normal, but you also pick a race which you gain experiance in slowly to gain abilities, but the coolest part of it all (and the...
  4. Skyrider

    powerlevel 0. beams no effect. but spirit bom does?

    well.. i wanted to fight whit some bots.. so i did.. my healt whas 8, and my powerlevel whas 0. so as the bot.. is funny.. the kamehameha.. masenko. had NO effect on me or the bots.. cuz if i fire it on the ground, you dont see a explosion.. BUT why the spritit bom has?? i fired the spirit bom...
  5. K


    Hey. I was just wondering if anyone out there knows how to adjust your pl so it dosent take so long to get your pl high enough.
  6. C

    Increase powerlevel faster?

    Is there any way to make your powerlevel go up faster? I've seen people in games that went ssj, and they have less kills and/or more deaths than me, but their powerlevel is higher. Does using energy attacks primarily make your powerlevel go up faster or something?
  7. S

    command for higher Powerlevel

    is there an admin command to set the starting powerlevel higher?
  8. Skyrider

    build up your powerlevel when charging a attack!

    i whas thinking! i everytime see if you charge a attack, ( in cartoon ) your powerlevel will increase to!! not mutch, but still, its increasing, and you put all those increasing powerlevel to 1 single spot, to make the attack better, what about adding that in esf? then you have a better...
  9. SSJ4_Cell

    Power-level bug? Help!

    When I get over 100,000,000 and when I die it goes down to 50,000,000 but the bots' power-level goes higher when they die, what's wrong? Is it a bug?:cry:
  10. X

    powerlevel suggestion

    It would be much more interesting if you could hide your powerlevel. like holding a button to raise it...and another button to lower it. That way you can get the exact powerlevel you want. Whatya think about this guys?
  11. D

    lower your powerlevel from scouters

    hi i just thaught that it would be handy when u can lower your powerlevel from a scouter, so any other would atack u and u get to your maximum level and beat him up :D i think that when u push a button a characters pl would lower and when u push it agian u be at your maximum. but when u are...
  12. U

    Powerlevel too high

    I was owning all u little n00bs last night :fight: and I got my PL to something like 800 000 000. I went SSJ iwth Trunks and suddenly my PL wus at something like 130 000 000. Dunno if it actually went down or it is a display bug, either way needs to be fixed. Anyway so I continued playing on...
  13. imkongkong

    raising powerlevel suggestion

    i've been watching some dbz episodes.. and i've noticed that when the powerup, they can raise their power level.. maybe.. there could be a powerlevel ceiling.. where u have a max PL to how much your PL is.. i mean.. sort of show it in a fraction.. 587,000/1,000,000 how much your powerlevel...
  14. N

    powerlevel increase with certain moves

    After playing the bots, I have noticed that certain moves (like the ki blasts) dont increase your pl at all. Is this a bug or something? and if it is, will it be fixed in the next version?
  15. J

    Powerlevel rising (has to do with vegeta transformation movie)

    I looked at the PL that is being doubled after transformation. but i was thinking, cant the PL rise very fast. cuz it switches from 2 million to 4 million in 1 second. might just rise really fast. that you see the numbers moving. so it looks like people are really powering up. if thats possible...
  16. E

    Scouters and powerlevel

    Since I heard a a team member talk about how the scouter was a "representation of ki sensing", I think that the higher the user's powerlevel, the larger range of "radar" it shows. It should start out very short range and as your PL goes higher the range should increase. Also, I don't mean to be...
  17. Tyrael


    if i am goku and i have a powerlevel from 1 million and i want to be vegeta now do i have to start al over again??o_o
  18. imkongkong


    what i've noticed, when you kill someone, your pl increases i've been thinking.. if you take such a long time to kill someone with high pl compared to low pl, the pl gained is basically the same what if you kill somebody with high pl, your pl should increase by a lot.. if you kill somebody...
  19. Emeka650

    ssj script Powerlevel

    If you get an ssj script and use it in the game. Will your powerlevel change or not.
  20. H

    High and low powerlevel speed

    I think that character with a high power should look faster, so if some one tries to hit you or anything it should go slower than a stronger character. Because some guys want to win aswell, lol. ;) Do you like it or not?