1. S

    Options for voices like the other dubs

    At the moment in 1.2.3 we pretty-much have 2 choices for voices, The Japanese version and 1 that is practically the Funimation dub. Some people prefer the ocean dub, Kai(un-cut) etc. Here is an idea on how they sound: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CLEzZGosqe8 All rather different, I...
  2. Slofreak

    Turbo Options?

    Instead of turbo just give you more damage automaticlly, you could acctually choose manually betwen 2 or 3 presets once you turn on turbo. speed, damage and i dunno endurance or speed and damage combo with lower traits. So when you hit turbo button you could choose: - more speed (for sake of...
  3. J

    Help, Options In Video Card Settings Missing...

    Hi, I'm missing options in my video card settings. 2 of them are Overclocking Options, and Refresh Rate Override. I'm not sure if i'm missing more, but im surely missing those two. So, please can someone help me with this problem, I must have it not showing or something somehow, ive...
  4. S

    ESF options problem..

    well I remember when I used to play ESF a while ago, I had these options where you could choose to have 3d-particle rocks system, choose the quality of the beam, force player models and all that. Now I reinstalled it again, but I cant seem to find these options anywhere in the menu... anybody...
  5. VideoJinx

    A New Melee Options

    Ok right now.. their is nothing wrong with basic melee but it would be great to have different kinds of basic melee that you could choose from.... as you progress in the game.. Basic melee Selection: To choose the basic melee you wish to use simply click 1 time and hold for regular basic...
  6. john_volkov

    knok back options

    i was thinking about this when you get knok back you suld be able to teleport if only if you have stamina, ki, and if the ps meter show you need just 1 cm to recover only of this this could be verry good for fight's
  7. yopyop


    i´ve got a problem: how can i insert a picture as signature
  8. S

    Model options

    I had this idea about when choosing classes, how about when you choose class (lets say goku) inside the info box there would be 1-4 numbers, these allow you to choose from 1-4 models (all contained in the model folders ex goku.mdl, goku-1.mdl, goku-2.mdl etc), the official release would use the...
  9. E

    ignoreing server start options with GUI

    everytime i start up a server in 1.2.3(or whatever the latest version is) it seems to ignore most of the server options i set. i use steam's GUI to start a temprary server to play for a few hours. some of the options i notice not changing are the game mode... powerlevel averaging, real good/evil...
  10. I

    Beam Options and Block Options

    Hi there This one those ramdom things Split Beam When a disc hits the it splits it in half while still going to kill Make the beams not explode when you charge on the ground Cause well thats ramdom if you ask me Blocking Teleport and block at the same time Only for Blast ie Sprit...
  11. owa

    How do you want to die? Without options.

    Yeah, the idea for the other thread was good, but this will give us better replies. Plus it is completely open, therefore better. Just post how you want to die, you don't need to select options of anything, just use your imagination. I want to die well having s-e-x, like have such an...
  12. Ravendust

    Extended Options Menu

    My idea is to add lots of features into the options, both server options and clientside options (graphics etc) First Option: I liked the class limitation option, but I think it can be taken further. I'd like to see all the characters have 2 sets of stats, the current, balanced ones and a...
  13. OmegaOne

    Options Crash: Steams Fault?

    Whenever i open the options menu, steam locks up my whole computer. it does this worst on this mod (alhough sporadicaly on others). is there something i can do to fix this? ive searched these forums and the steam ones and cant seem to find an answer. i really want to play this mod :( sorry if...
  14. E

    Weird Options Bug

    When you first got into opions, then Advanced Settings, everythings ok.. But after checking eather mp3's or 24 bit (open gl only) button, the fx quality goes directly to low after reopening the Advanced settings... The only way to revert that is to physically close the whole thing down and...
  15. N

    Uhm, my advance options are strange..

    uhm this may sound a bit noobish but, yeah whatever.. How come when everytime i config my advance options (like enabling mp3 and choosing beam quality etc.) and restart esf, all of the things I changed and enabled (in advance options) has been reset?? (like mp3 aren't enable anymore etc.)...
  16. G

    options menu question

    I'm just wondering why when I go into the options menu and when I go to advanced it won't save what I set. Like the FX quality. When I set it to high I go back into the menu and it's on low and when I put it to low it goes to high. I do have the steam pack installed. Could that be it?
  17. X

    Options Problem

    i cant change my controls, in the area where u set what key does what, its totaly empty, nothing there o_o , really wanna play but for that i need to be able to move and shoot and other stuff :laff:
  18. L

    New Options..

    i really want an option in this to turn off dimatic lights as really it lags the **** outta my computer
  19. Vejimaru

    Host options

    I think that the people hosting a game of ESF should be able to decide what happens in the game. Countless times I have been playing a game where there is some over powered @$$ who kills every one again...and again...and again...and onwards from there. A host should be able to regulate the min...
  20. A

    Help me to understand some options, please!

    Hello, everybody. As a Chinese who just know a little English, I do cannot understand the options listed below. May anyone do me a favor to tell me the meaning of each option in easily understanding sentence. Thank you very much!! Here are the options that I cannot understand. get...