1. Denz

    New superhero movies

    New Superman and the new Spiderman remake we all saw your thoughts ?
  2. The Deco

    When was the last time you went to the movies alone?

    Me? Never. You?
  3. Nemix

    Singleplayer Games & Great Movies

    What good singeplayare games and great movies do you recommand me? In 20 July I'll be cut off from the internet, TV and phone at my moms house, my parents divorced and my mom can't afford to pay all these... And I want do download some games and movies I'll use later so I have them on my PC...
  4. Nuttzy

    ok, scary movies,... post em

    I need a really scary movie for next weekend, I met a girl who gets really cuddly when she is scared :D. So I want to go for maximum scary. right now Im looking at the new halloween movie, or stephen kings "the mist". anyone have anything better? must be on dvd
  5. The Deco

    PC - HDTV HD Movies chelp(help)

    Well, this is still theoretical cause we(my family) didn't got our laptop yet. K, so lets say I got a laptop with HDMI connection and a 720p HDTV LCD screen. Now lets say I plugged my laptop to my HDTV LCD as the laptop's monitor and I set up the resolution to 720p. Now lets say I got a...
  6. fatmanterror

    Movies you would like to see made.

    These are my photoshops for school from years back. The premise I picked was movies I would like to see made or alternate casts. Rodney Dangerfield in The Matrix Saving Sgt. Bilko Vh-1 Show- Flava of Macluv Episode 3 Revenge of the Pope Post yours!
  7. SailorAlea

    Ewe Boll will stop making movies if this petition reaches 1,000,000 signitures.

    ( Hilarious. Sign @
  8. dan_esf_fanatic

    Need help identifying two movies (spoilers included)

    OK, so the first one is about this teenager named Curt, who gets dumped by his girlfriend and begins hanging out with delinquents, quickly befriending them. After they together TP and sabotage someone's house, accidentally setting it on fire with a cigar, Curt manages to put the blame on his...
  9. M

    Another Batch of Movies Pulled by YouTube

    Summary: Two guitar teachers who became famous/well-known for their instructional videos on YouTube had most of their videos pulled. Apparently a lot of the songs they taught how to play were copyrighted. Article: Source:
  10. KidMan

    Video game based Movies I found this to be very awesome. Looks like a Soul Caliber movie is on it's way,a long with Halo, Metal Gear Solid, MechWarrior, Prince of Persia and many others. Frankly, I can't wait to see some of these movies.
  11. ~*Logan*~

    Special News Bulletin! Resident Evil movies hit rock bottom! Logan is not amused!;_ylt=AofcOgV4Mtm_gQr3mlME.9ZfVXcA The first movie was done really well. It captured the Resident Evil feel in movie form without trying to copy too much from the game. Lots of horror with some action thrown in. The second movie...
  12. Mccdbz5

    What are some great martial movies, starring Jackie Chan?

    What are some great martial arts movies, starring Jackie Chan? Does anyone know of any martial arts movies, that were really good, and starred Jackie Chan? He is my favorite martial artist, but I haven't seen that many of his movies, except for his American movies, like Rush Hour 1 and 2...
  13. clen

    Game to movies

    Recently there has been a lot of games announced to be made into movies, ign has a list of them and updates on them. My question is which ones are you excited about and which ones do you think are just going to be a waste of time. Click Here
  14. john_volkov

    Horror Movies

    I want to see a lot of horror movie old and new but I need some help whit names I have the Nightmare on elm Stret (the best horror movie) i can't think of any good horror movies
  15. Mccdbz5

    About the new Dragon Ball Z movies 1-3 re-made...

    If you haven't heard about the new Dragon Ball Z uncut movie set coming out, this is it: Now my question, to the people who do know what it is, where can I see those pictures of the box art up-close? It's too far away to see what they look like, and I was wondering where I could see...
  16. M

    Favorite Old School Movies

    What are your favorite old school movies?
  17. john_volkov

    Special Movies from DBZ

    what special movie did you like and why ? I'v love and i think it's the best special movie Bardon The Father of Goku , because the story was superb
  18. clen

    Three Marvelous movies

    Orlyness? How many more..... (P.S. Thanks a bunch")
  19. Hamppu

    Ur fav. horror movies!

    topic title sayes it all, post ur fav. horror movies ooooorrrr just a list of some good horror movies.. (did i spell the horror correct? >,< i have a funny feeling that it doesnt look correct) My friend asked me to get him some big-ass-long list of horror movies so if u all may plz pretty
  20. J

    i mad some esf movies

    these movies are about goku's transformations well enjoy[url=";5048202;;/fileinfo.html"]
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