1. T

    any new moves?

    Just wanted to no if there wuss going to be new moves be sides melee in 1.2 is buu going to have body part attack ?
  2. OubliezJe

    New Moves.

    Just wondering if you guys have decided to add more moves. like jumping on to one hand side ways and kicking in a cetain direcion, like a side sweep? if not will you guys every? i know that it would ake alot of work and all, but it would make the game a hell of alot not tlaking bout...
  3. G

    douple tap moves

    i was thinking about you maybe could add douple tap movement... ect. douple tap "forward" a little jump forward. douple tap "backway" jump backway land on hands and land on legs again. douple tap "left/right" quick step right. Hope you like the idea. :)
  4. M

    do custom odels have custom moves

    i cause i had cooler as friza and he had the same moves just like when i replaced vegeta with andriod 13 he had the same voice and every thing is it only use to change the appearence of the model or can u change the moves
  5. nicko16

    New moves in 1.3 wo wands that

    I think everyone wands new moves is esf 1.3 or not wel i wand so !!! Wat moves do you like in esf 1.3 :laff:
  6. D

    1.2 = Special Moves Idea

    I don't know if this is part of what they haven't told us, but I was wondering if the new melee system would have speciall moves? I guess it could work something like this: Durring the "combo input" time (which I think should be shorter .. hehe) if you input the correct sequence of...
  7. P

    4 new piccolo moves

    1 would be mouth blast just like buu's but it would be yellow, the other would be arm extension which would act just like a blast in that you could move your mouse to control where it went. wouldn't it also be cool if piccolo had regeneration of some sort? also multi-form would be a good move...
  8. G

    Combo moves

    on several occasions weve seen Z fighters pool there power to fire one huge attack, why cant, if two friendly players beams touch, they combine? the stronger person controls the attack and the power is a total of the two (or more) fiering people? imagen what a 5 on 5 beam battle would be like...
  9. Gangster464

    In whos place does gogeta go ?

    Sup guys , I just downloaded the gogeta model but i dont know whos place he needs to takes is it trunks, cell who? Oh yeah and lets say i just put gogeta on cells place is gogeta going to have the moves that cell had or does he already come with his own moves and sounds and stuff or no? Oh yeah...
  10. Sicron

    Super Moves

    Its something lik ethe rage thing many ppl suggest, you get a small bar called SM (super Move) when that bar is full you cna use the super move of that character: Goku -> Power Up KAMEHAMEHA, it would be stronger then the regular one and the beam would be bigger, and the load time should...
  11. Z

    More PPL ,Transformations,Moves, and Power Up`s

    there should be more ppl, transformations, and Moves like... PPL Brolli Videl androids 16-20 Gynu Force yamcha Tein Chouzu nappa Radditz Goten Little Trunks Gotenks vegetto Gogeta Transformations Ape Golden ape Andriod 17 can turn to...
  12. B


    plz help me if you can: i read that when some1 hit you on melee he can't hit you when you are recovering, but yesterday i was playing in a server, and a player hitme and i fall into the floor, then he hitme (i didn't recovered yet) and i fly to the air, and finaly he hitme again without...
  13. S

    Heres an idea for trunks and his moves

    Well since alot of people whine about the sword for trunks and how cheap he is. The ESF team can try this: Make two icons: You already have a sword icon. Make a fist icon for regular melee. Az come in with your ideas as well
  14. G

    Cinematic Special Moves

    This Idea is probably difficult. My idea is to have each character have a special bar that build up by hitting or successiful kills. when that reaches full, they get to use one selected beam which well be extremely poweriful attack that pause and kinda looks like the transformations. Maybe with...
  15. S

    Special Attacks and moves the char should have.

    I will cover all the techniques Goku should have. I will also explain some of the moves which how they should be done. Goku: Normal 1.Kamehameha (All forms) (the more energy u put into this move the bigger and stronger it is when u fire it, and when it hits something or someone) 2.Kaioken...
  16. Alex_b77

    Have other characters moves

    This is a bug, it is on purpose tho..... anyway, i discovered this when i was in one of those 5 minute power struggles. While in the non stop struggle, go into the console and type the name of the character you want to be. You will change into that character, and if you survive the...
  17. U

    how bout some new moves for frieza?

    just wanna say that you guys should make some new moves for frieza.. dont know witch moves.. but its kinda some lame moves he has right now.. the only of his attacks that can be blocked is deathball:fight: and vegeta sure could use a new move before he transform becaus galit gun really suck!O_O
  18. G

    ESF Character Moves

    Im tired of new people asking what someone they fought did to them and trying to explain what it is that happened. These are <i>the</i> only attacks the characters have in Beta 1.1. And every character has the melee, ki blast, and generic beam moves with the exeption of Vegeta. <b>Buu</b>...
  19. Stanz

    No More Goku Moves!!

    Ok im not trying to act like an admin here saying stop surgesting that because I still think the surgestions are good but I do think that any more goku moves should be put aside and not added to him yet because he already seems to be becoming too good, There are plenty of attacks other...
  20. E

    help with moves

    ti cant use some of the moves i should be able to use when in normal form. for egample i cant use gallit gun with vegeta, kamahaha with cell scattering shot with picolo and a few others. Can someone please help me!