1. catfish

    Defensive special moves

    I don't know if the characters have many defensive special moves in the cartoons, but it would be good if they could each have one. The solar flare in the alpha was good fun to use and very effective to stop someone from fighting and put them on the run. What does everyone else think of this...
  2. U

    more moves 4 piccolo

    rite now in esf picolos attacks are like ****ass cept his eye beam which is a pain in the ass but newayz in dmz he has that attack he uses on android 17 where he shoots all those balls of ki real fast and then they home in on the enemy...that'd be cool if they could put that in
  3. S

    How to do moves??

    could I get a complete list of all the moves like Kamehameha?? I dont know ny moves so were could I ind them??? can I instal this mod n cs retail version?? thanks :talk:
  4. U

    Help on moves

    This is more like Half-Life than DMZ, you just select the move you want, specific to the character you picked by selecting the number as you would pick a weapon in HL...
  5. S

    buu moves

    will buu be having any kind of move like when he threw a piece of himself at vegeta and it wrapped around him and made him not able to move it could work where you have to charge the longer it is charged the longer it will hold the person and after it is charged it would be like friezas disk...
  6. S

    combo moves

    will there be any way that some sort of combo moves will be in the next release for ei: when gokucharges a kameha and then teleports beneath cell and blows him away i think it would be cool to have it as some limit break of some sort you know when your almost dead you get a special combo that...
  7. ZuL

    Need help with animating

    I need help with animating. If you are a talented animator, and you work with 3dsm4, please reply to this topic. I make both player models and view models and i need to learn/need help with animating them. I am not gonna ask again, so this is your chance... :) (hope lots of people want to...
  8. J


    Where can i download models?? The models for Gohan and someone of the other ones don't ahve one..... I know i'm a newb. Sorry... Been playing CS for about 2 years.... I would be glad if someoe could help me. Thanks
  9. K

    Cells missing moves!

    I don't know if you guys don't know this, or know it and think cell would be to power full, but i'll tell ya anyways. Cell can do Spirt Bomb and Eye Laser. well there ya go 8) I don't know if ya wanna put them in or not, cell would be very good with ALL those moves,
  10. S

    New moves?

    In the next version of ESF how many new moves per character should we expect? just wondering.
  11. SierraSonic

    Server-Side Selectable Moves

    Ok commands only the server could use to disable attacks from a game. 1. On 0. Off mp_bigbang mp_finalflash mp_fdisk mp_disk mp_kame mp_battack mp_sflare mp_sbc i think you get the point, please add this.
  12. D

    Janemba model beta

    here's my janemba model. it took me about a day to make it. i used milkshape and the polycount is around 1300 (will be lower). the arms will also be a little shorter. and ofcourse there will be some feet. What needs to be improved except for these things ?