1. S

    ki moves?

    how do u get final flash with vegeta and can u get any other moves with chars like super kamehameha!
  2. C

    Ultimate Moves

    ok heres my idea. everyone is complaining about how everyone isnt powerfull enough or their 2 slow well heres my idea. GIve them an ultimate move. Lets say when the character can trans prefectly they get a new move for instance. AND these moves can only be used when the person has FULL HEALTH...
  3. |::>sugar<::|

    ESF 1.1 new characters and moves?

    ok one player which would be great is Ginyu King. and when he transfoms he could have the move of changing power! since everyone knows is esf everyone is nearly a boy so why not a girl. maybe chi chi but i myself think it's a long shot. somehow i know you could add a feature when goku and...
  4. K

    Lord Slug goku model

    I was wondering if anyone saw the dbz movie lord slug? IF anyone saw it I think someone should make a model when goku is fighting against lord slug and he is just about to punch goku but then he blocks it with his hand then he turns into a diffrent kind of super saiyan. He has the yellow aura...
  5. Mr. Buu

    And who says the char's moves is balanced??

    I was wonder how u guys can get around frieza's finger laser...I think it's a deadly attack....
  6. I

    I got 2 Human dragonball fight movies for yooo!

    Hello!!! haven't been posting here for some L000000NG time ESF you guys are making some freakin awsome **** man!:D anyways I was playing with my camera and with martial arts scenes, so i thought ..maybe i can put dbz in the fighting scenes.. And make it look like dbz as much as possible...
  7. I

    Trunks Moves

    omg i just played as trunks agenst those ki bots for about a half-hour and got owned, because i wasnt meleeing. his finishing buster sucks, because it barely takes any damage off and he cant move while using it. also his burning attack needs to be stronger. and he needs another move. i...
  8. D

    Any Cool Vegetas??

    Does anyone know any really cool vegeta models that has its own tactics?? For example-- like does he punch differently or jumps differently. I really want one. Thanx!
  9. V

    Dammit moves man....

    O_o Look i just have the best idea's possible man.. What if you could abosorb a attack and then carrie it around like trunks vs. Frieza huh And like diffrent type of attacks like beam big bang and ball big bang.Big charge ki ball like a generic beam and explosions with dust all around the...
  10. M

    Goku's Moves

    ok i know what your all gonna say even before i type this "goku is already the most powerfil person....blah blah blah" but in my opinion i like how if i'm another character when i got ssj i gain some moves this makes me look forward to asending...but with goku the only reason i look forward to...
  11. V

    post new attacks beams moves characters ideas here and so forth dudes

    Post anything that has to do with the subject here and read my other 2 posts of the same kinda ideas....... :tired: shibby on dudes
  12. Oddbrother

    ESF and DMZ moves

    I know that ESF and DMZ are to be close about. But both of them differ from each other. (I shouldn't have said that.) You guys have it your way. That's whyy I'm making a poll for using special moves. Do you guys like it better to use as weapons or do a combo to use like in the SNES, Genesis, and...
  13. S

    Special Melee Moves

    My idea for Special Melee Attacks. When you press Melee twice, a new icon appears in the attack bar, which relates to the Special Melee attack for that character. When you target with melee and press attack, you hit the opponent with the attack no matter how far away you are(you swoop in...
  14. F

    HUGE Array of MOVES in DBZ!! should be useful..

    *useless list here* THERE here is a moves list im sure would be helpful for the ESF Team!!!!. you will also notice an attack i suggested of the Double Beam attack. in here is proof it exists its called Double Tsuihikidan. No one can say they were stuck for moves LOL!!
  15. F

    GOKU need's more moves

    if theres one thing i find wrong with esf is the amount of moves goku has. GOKU is the MAIN character in dbz all the way through but at the mo he has the least amount of moves available to him than any of the other chracters in the game. this isnt offensive to esf team game rocks but goku...
  16. G

    new moves?

    does anyone know, or if there are any new moves i can download? if u did find some could u post them here? thnx!
  17. K

    moves and tranformation

    they should add piccolo's mouthbeam.also piccolo should transform to huge piccolo cos in the garlic jr. saga he transforms all huge.also frieza should transform to final form.buu shuld trans. into kid buu or super buu. wut do u guys think???
  18. Morrone

    SSJ3 Goku Moves -REAL MOVES!!!-

    Ok I've been watching the few episodes in which Goku fights Buu as SSJ3. There are 2 nameless attacks he does that certainly arent just ordinary energy blasts or the sort. I have a pic of 1 but I couldn't get a pic of the other cuz I dont fully understand how to take a pic of a video. I call...
  19. A

    Moves for more then just Freiza and Goku.

    We've talked alot about what we could put on Freiza and Goku as extra moves, now, I'm interested about stuff we can come up for the rest of them.. Other then Buu, and Krillian. Personally.. I think Cell should have a tail thing.. Like.. he should be able to absorb people.. Like.. Players...
  20. Wuying Ren

    Small Piccolo Skinedit

    I made a small skin edit. I added the lines on his arms and made his suit more like that