1. CankerousJak12

    Finishing Moves

    I'll make it short and simple, If you try to kill someone with a combo melee attack (as in his health is so low that a combo melee will kill him) it'll trigger an animation of a finishing move, and each character has 2 (one for up in the air and one for on the ground) like Goku can do a Kaioken...
  2. The Deco

    Replacing moves question.. help

    Lets say I don't like a model's look but I like how he does his moves (Like basic melee is nice looking kick) and I have another model that I like its looks but his moves looks bad. How I can give the ugly model moves to the nice looking model?
  3. Spunky

    Gandolfini Moves On... Makes me sad in a way. I always loved that show.
  4. J


    i was on a websight for esf and i saw heps of moves people had made of them playing and i was wundering haw do i do that
  5. A

    Some new moves

    I started to watch the series again a while ago and I noticed that Krillin and Piccolo had that multiform technique.Maybe this is not possible to make in the game, but I just suggested.But there`s one more thing.Vegeta used Kienzan in episode 26 to cut gohans tail.Maybe you could add that...
  6. 041leo041

    make new moves !

    ok if u look at some videos watch the first video i like the part where goku is doing cool moves to kid buu in the instant transmision and i like the effect of goku going in to instant transmision and can we make cool l u will see that dbz...
  7. V

    Characters / Moves

    I noticed some pictures on the frontpage with Andriod 18 and avatars for characters I haven't seen ingame. Are they going to be released or is there a patch I need in order to use them? Also, I was wondering if there was a cvar to change the amount of power you have? (e.g. 990,000 - 5,000,000)...
  8. Ravendust

    #17/#18 Buddy - Moves

    #17 1. Melee - As Goku 2. Ki Blasts/Accel - As Goku/As Piccolo's Scattershot but fires straighter 3. Generic Beam/Ball - As Goku/As Goku 4. Finger Laser (gold) - As Frieza but gold 5. Power Blitz - Like the BBA but with a charging sprite, large energy sphere 6. Energy Field - Like Gohan's...
  9. S

    Special Moves?

    I was wondering if anybody knows how to throw opponents in Ver.1.2.3?
  10. Cozza

    Combo moves

    hey, im new here, and to the game ive seen people pull of combos that are unblockable and highly affective i have yet to learn how to do these moves could some one tell me how to pull these off . :) thanks
  11. V

    Buu's moves

    Um, in the show I don't remember buu ever really using mouthblast. The only thing close to it is blowing air to destroy buildings. Usually he shoots a ball of energy into the ground and it expands quickly, or he unleashes energy from himself. Also in the episode where buu and evil buu fight they...
  12. imported_Lone_WolF

    Combat Moves?

    What type of combat tactics do you often use?
  13. SuperDragonFist

    Transformation / Moves

    i know the idea of rage has been suggested...alot.... but here is my idea the rage bar can go higher depending upon how much you are getting smacked around (advanced or simple melee) this would probably require another bar... when it gets full the different characters get one special attack...
  14. imkongkong

    Dabura: if added, new way of doing the moves

    I think Dabura would be a great character to add not because of his sword but because of his many different and unique moves. These are some new ways of doing the moves he has if added. The sword can probably work the same as Trunks sword.
  15. I

    Combination Moves

    Hi there Like Kamehameha Wave + Gallic Gun without struggling Like when Goku and Vegeta teams up Heres another combo Spirit Bomb + Big Bang + Death Ball Kamehameha Wave + Special Beam Cannon Or this one Spirit Bomb + Ki Blast = Earlier Explosion That could work with nearly anything This...
  16. T


    Bored so just wondering what are yalls fav techniques.
  17. M

    Special moves

    i was playing offd line agains a super bot and he use a move with vegeta, which i have never seen befor it was a string of blie line which slowed me down and killed me i was wandering how you do this move?and are there any more special move like this? thanks
  18. M

    People Can use Dragonball Moves! ROFL!
  19. D


    hi people i just downloaded esf 1.2 and when i melee vs anther guy he always kicks me up and down and so he doesn't get kickt back of the shock and i do and if i ask him how to do that he says its a secret so can you tell me how to do it pls
  20. P

    the finishing moves of 1.2

    i was just reading through the news in the news section so if u r having a melee battle and u r going 4 like 6-7 mins of fighting then u can like auto punch then swing them around then melee finishes will there b other ways 2 finish them of >>edit<< om and how do u get into the grapple strugle