1. bapplebo

    First max model - Glock 18

    YAY I moved from ms3d to max. Since this is my first max model, I would like HARSH crits, but also on how to improve my ultra low poly model. You can say its ****, but give reasons why.. otherwise it's useless.
  2. C

    For teh 3ds max users.

    Mhhh I was just wondering how you ppl add your final touches to a model... becuase for me to kick out symmetry and not being sure of it actually being done is quite a pain. The most obvious decision is to just collapse symmetry but I have been thinking of adding a edit mesh modifier...
  3. Dark Templar

    3ds max

    can anny one tell me how to snap 2 polygons in to 1 polygon in 3ds max
  4. S

    MAX registration help!

    Installed 3DS MAX 7 and when I try to register, I get this: Why can't I register ? Thanks in advance.
  5. TRSS

    3DS MAX 8

    hey does anybody know what the new features of max 8 are ( this is a question for the more experienced modlers) cause im gettin it
  6. C

    3ds max help model load

    hey im new to make model so i think i can load the normel model and make a chence. but i can not load a model.. and i can not save one. 3ds max do wont to make mdl fils or load it.. why can it be when you say that the progam to make the mdl fils??? HELP PLZZZZ
  7. darkganon

    I need help finding tutorials for 3ds max 6.0

    Ummm hello im wondering if anyone knows of any tutorials for 3ds max 6.0 on helping me make a human model. If anyone knows please tell me.
  8. T

    3DS Max help

    Hello, i started with modeling and now im stuck i read the tutorial here on the page for 3dsmax but at this step i stuck: i dont come further i dont now how to edit the "half cylinder" to make him like the plan please help me and i writed this here because it seems that no one...
  9. N

    3ds Max

    I forget, is there specfic plugins i need for it? EDIT BTW after I get the answer, any mods feel free to lock or destroy the thread.
  10. T


    how do i set the max pl . i want to go higher than just 100mill and another thing how do i just like set my pl. can u even do that. is there a way to do it
  11. bapplebo

    2 Quick MAX Questions

    1. How do I set render 'lights'? 2. How do I turn 2 Polys into a Quad? (pic below) Thanks in advance.
  12. Blademaster

    3ds max versions

    if i have 3ds max 7 can i do the stuff on 3ds max 5?? so if im using 3ds max 7 and i get a tutorial for 3ds max 5 would it work??
  13. V

    max pl in esf 1.3

    as we all know in esf 1.2.3 with evm the max pl is 100.000.000. so what will bee the max pl in esf 1.3? (sry for my english)
  14. Son-Goku

    3D Studio MAX Car Rendering

    Hi. I have made a new car with 3D Studio MAX 5. Maybe someone likes it... <a href="" target="_blank"><img src="" border="0" alt="Free Image Hosting at" /></a> <a...
  15. U

    3D studio Max 7 question :(

    it says o nthe site that i can run it on Windows Me but when i tried installing it it says its not compatable, is that a bug or do i need to upgrade to windows XP? thanks in advance
  16. Blademaster

    G max - 3ds max

    would 3ds max tutorials work for g max because i cant find any g max tutorials and the ones i downloaded they dont help me so i was just wondering if i could us 3ds max tutorials for g max
  17. Z

    Please help me with 3d studio max

    Ok, here's my problem, after I've created a couple of lines, I select two points and hist fuse, so they go on top of one another, right? Then I hit weld, but they don't weld. So I set the number on weld to 999999 just in case. They still don't weld... The weld tool is supposed to take two...
  18. ReCkOninG of FirE

    My First Model With Max

    Ok this is my first model with max..its goku!! again, but this time with max lol ^^ i can't get his face to look less chibi so drawovers would be nice. and i think the hair isn't long heres the model, c&c are welcome
  19. Brolly USSJ1

    Plugins For 3ds Max!

    WHERE DO I FIND GMAX PLUGINS? were can i get models for gmax that allow me to export as half-life models and to export as ut2004 models?
  20. P

    my first max model

    hello i am very new and i would like to know if there is any tutorials about modeling dbz chars for begginers in max thanx :fight: