1. Green Wolfos

    3dS Max 8 Modeling Help

    First of all, I know that this technicly doesn't go here, but I thought it was my best chance to not put it in the wrong place. Ok. Down to business. I would like to know if someone could give me a tutorial for the prog in the title for character modeling. I've gone to a few sites, and none of...
  2. webber

    3d Studio Max

    Is it possible to export 3sdm models in smd format, how? What about animations? please help couse my ms3d expired and i had some things to do.
  3. gokuss2

    I search tutorials of animation 3ds max

    HI I am creating a mod of dragon ball for hl2 RPG, and already I have the model of goku small, but nose that tool max uses in 3ds to encourage, some person can give me a good tutorial of animation with 3ds max, to jump to move and quite thank you
  4. J

    Trying to Install 3ds max 8... Error.

    Hi, i'm trying upgrade from 3ds max 7, to 8. But I'm having a issue at the end of the install. When it finishes the install, this pops up. Pleeease help, thanks!
  5. Theoboy

    Poly tutorial for 3DS Max

    Can someone give me an link to a tutorial there explains how to make something out of polys in 3DS Max?
  6. J

    3ds Max help.

    Hi, i've been making a couple of models just for practice, and when im done them they are all not smooth, and like they are in flat shaded, but it's not. Even when i render them it looks all messed up like it's not smooth. So, I was wondering how to fix this. I know someone's going to say...
  7. J

    Audi a3 [Wip] secound model in 3d s max =]

    Started my secound model after my goku i did =] this time im doing a car. my fav car a audi a3 =] ill upload a pic of what i got so far and the ref pic im using. So u get a idea what im doing. =] 692 polys so far =] next to detail n fix front bumper =]
  8. Ryeko

    3DS Max problems.

    I'm having several problems in 3D Max. One of which is when I move using alt+mousebutton 3, everything becomes clear, and I just see like...the box around the object. Also, somtimes when I hover over the object I'm modeling, it goes into wireframe mode. Also this is how my model looks...
  9. J-Dude

    How to do a cartoon limb-stretching effect (3DS Max)

    I've been doing cartoon characters in Max for some time now, and now that I can get to the point of animating them, I've had problems with certai animation attributes. Basically, I mean the ability of a cartoon character to stretch its normally inadequately lengthed arms or legs to kick, grab or...
  10. Theoboy

    Max Tutorials?

    Is there someone there knows some tutorials for modeling in 3DS Max? I really hope there is someone there can help me.
  11. ElectricSaiyan

    3DS Max Help

    Okay, so I got 3DS Max 8 yesterday, and I'm a n00b at's not ANYWHERE near as easy as MS3D. So, anyways, I was wondering how you move the camera in the viewports so I can see what the hell I'm doing. I know in MS3D it's Ctrl+Left Click and drag, but that's not exactly workin' in 3DS...
  12. N

    THE ESF skeleton max 6 compatible

    Hello im wondering if anyone has the esf skeleton in max 6 format, so i can rig a copule of chars for esf. I realy need it in max 6 format. I will realy aprreciate help. If some one has it plz send me a pm or leave a post here. And dunno if this question was asked and anwsered before, so sry...
  13. G

    pl max change

    yo ppl. how do i change the maximum pl from 100 mil to maybe 100 billion? lol i know it can be done, so if someone can tell me, i would be very happy. gK.Sun O_o
  14. Z

    pelt mapping (3ds max)

    i just got 3ds max 8 and i wanted to know if anyone had pelt mapping tutorials for me becouse i cant get this new "unwrap uvw"thing
  15. H

    3D studio max help

    Hi, I am a newbie to 3D modeling. I seem to have a problem installing 3D studio max8. I have installed it, but when I open it I get and error that says it cannot find "d3dx9_26.dll". I know that "d3dx9_26.dll" is part of the Directx library thing. I have tried reinstalling Directx9 and 3D...
  16. M

    Max 8 UV Unwrap help plz.

    Im havig some trouble with Max 8 UV unwrapping. I'm trying to unwrap a model I made, but for some reason the auto-unwrapping isnt working. Anybody can help me please?
  17. Z

    3ds max 8 crack and 3dsmax 8

    ok im not asking for the crack lets get that out of the way ok ^^. now seeing this consearns modeling i would like to know, is there actualy a crack availeble for 3ds max 8 or did they finaly made an uncrackeble version ^^. and what do you like about 3dsmax 8 the most? or what intriges...
  18. Son-Goku

    SYT Xericore, 3ds max Artwork

    I'm back again with a new scene I made. I'm a fan of Star Trek, so I decided to make a scene in Star-Trek-style. Enjoy. Same scene arranged differently: Also I have made an interior for the car I modeled: Maybe someone remembers the original thread...
  19. SA_Gohan

    Max 8

    For those of you wanting to get your hands on a copy of Max 8, the wait is over. Discreet released a demo of their latest version yesterday, so head on over to I can't wait to test out the new relax and pelt mapping features ^^
  20. Eclipse

    Max ownz Maya

    In a SHOCKING move today Autodesk (the creators of 3D Studio Max) purchased Alias (the creators of Maya) for $182 million dollars. The news articles are here: I...