1. Theoboy

    YEAH!! A volcano map!

    Finally I got my cell games map for the IS clan done and I have started right away with another idea I had. After I have seen through the page on ESF-World in the mapping section I can see there is alot of mappers who have made a volcano map, and then I thought: "I want to make a volcano map...
  2. webber

    My map

    This map is the first one that actually reached completion. It's still a WIP so I need some pointers and crits Here's a video of it: Of and here's the map info: --Why can't i post pictures?--
  3. donnierisk

    Finally, a new map!

    Hey all, well I've decided to make a new community map, it's still heavy wip, I just started on the terrain today so the pic I have doesn't really show much of the map, I'm still thinking on a name, if anyone would want to help me getting a name then I'd be very happy! here's my 1 pic...
  4. that

    another map

    well, i was borred. so here result: map will be realesed soon, just need to fix some bugs ^^ so what you think?
  5. Y

    Working on a paintball map

    I was lookin at some paintball arena's I found this summerhill paintball arena Right now im working on the bunkers and stuff.. and then im going to add some trees.
  6. that

    new map :P

    k ppl, i just started new map. but still dont know name for it.... map is still WIP
  7. M

    Map Models

    How do you know how big or small models you make for a map will appear in-game?
  8. M

    Once again... Another map by me...

    This forum has been dead for some time now, so I figured that I show one of the maps I was working on a few weeks ago:
  9. M

    What Makes a Good Map?

    What's everyones thoughts on what makes a good map for ESF? Is it the detail, textures, sounds, things you can do, originality, what?
  10. G

    City themed map.

    Hello! I used to map a long time ago and made some low quality maps. After a while I decided to quit, and now I'm trying to start it again. Here my first map after map-break. Unfortunately, I didnt succeed in making it. It lags, and I dont know how to fix it. There is a lot of things I need to...
  11. Grega

    New map sweetness :p Someone came round to updating there dev journal. And man what an update ^^
  12. Punishing

    Map problems

    I don't know why but when i join a server or trying to create a server , if i select a map like s2k_snakeway ,s2K_tournament_duel or esfm_pic_raditz ,when it gets to precaching resources it just freezes. It's the same problem on most maps. Does someone know what i can do?
  13. M

    TRON-Like Map

    I have no idea where I got this idea from... Anyway, it's nothing special, even so I thought it was a cool idea:
  14. D

    a slightly new map update

    not sure if its been brought up yet but it seems cold steel has made a new map cold steels Dev journal scroll to the bottom
  15. ssj3Viper

    Viper's Snakeway map

    It has gone a long way from the small square-like snakeway. If u dont believe me, here, watch this: I have also 2 questions: 1.Can someone please make an enviroment map with the snake way? 2.Who made the trees from imkingkong's Z sword map?
  16. M

    Loading a map

    Can anyone load a map through the console without ESF crashing? Everytime I load a map through the console and choose a character the connecting to server screen pops up and then ESF crashes. I just want to make sure if it's either ESF or my map that I'm working on thats causing ESF to crash.
  17. ace005

    Map size

    quick question.. I'm really a noob at this stuff, put i've put a point in my mind, and once it's there, i'm gonna make all i can to do so... Is there a limited space u can use when making a map? I mean, can a map be as big as u want it to be?
  18. ZeroNightmare

    New Map in 1.3!

    i think it would be tight if you guys made the asteroid level where vegeta went ss, and there were like asteroids that fell down periodicly and they could hurt you if you werent careful
  19. M

    map errors

    on certain maps, when i try to use them it says "could not load guru.wad" or "could not load freiza.wad" i dont understand why i does this, i dont think tMx arena has anything to do with guru, who can i fix this?
  20. KidMan

    New Map texture's

    Considering that 1.3 is going to be the lastest installment of ESF, I figured that they need to update the map textures. Most people have better computer then when ESF first came out, and I feel that ESF should accommodate those who do. When your character is close to the ground, you can see...