1. Damaera

    New Halo 3 map on Monday.

    Free map. Anyone excited about it? It's a remake of a Halo 1 map.
  2. Skyrider

    CrosuS & ESF Map Subcategories

    I just created this movie myself :p, thanks to lionheart for the software to make this. In any case, this shows a new feature of CrosuS having subcategories. This, makes it a lot easier to download maps for a specific modification and you can easily find it as well. These new subcategories will...
  3. Skyrider

    Imkongkong's Gero's Lab Map

    I remember this map quite a while ago, man.. This is and still is an awesome map. Readme Download Link: - MoDDB
  4. Skyrider

    Imkongkong's Zsword Map

    One of the best maps in my opinion. It looks awesome, plays great and KongKong has put a lot of effort in this map. Readme! Download Link:
  5. The Deco

    Bardock movie ending, space frieza ship map suggestion

    Before Frieza killed all the sayians and there planet theres that scene in space with Friezas ship, I think its got awesome potential for a map. I'm suggesting same concept of this map like when that map was Budukai Tenkaichi 3: Planet background, lots of deep space, Frieza's ship in the...
  6. Tenzo

    Esf 1.3 Openbeta map?

    Hello everyone! I was wondering if someone from the esf team knows what happened with this map: It looked like a nice one. Is it going to be released later on?
  7. The Deco

    Shaolin temple map!!

    Shaolin temple map. Why not doing a Shaolin temple map? xD. Its martial arts, ain't it.
  8. Snowm@n

    Map - New guru

    There is an invisible wall riiiiiiight................HERE: It is a low size wall, since you can jump it easaly.
  9. The Deco

    Adding building breakables to esf 1.3 map

    Well, I just saw 1.3s esf_city and its awesome. I really think it should be with breakables though. Like you through someone to certain parts of a building and that part of it will explode\break. I saw this implanted in other custom maps for 1.2 called esf_moderncity although you could only...
  10. final shine

    new map

    ok, this is a map i'm finaly heppy with, still needs vegetation and a name dough, and i'm going to relese it ^^ <img src="">
  11. M

    Zen Map

    Not a very original name, but anyway - latest map: As you probably noticed, I screwed up in numerous areas: The waterfall disappeared. The env_water brush is clipping through other brushes. A few texture misalignments. The brush connecting the water...
  12. M

    how to save the uv map

    i am using ms3d and i am trying my hand at mapping but i need to know how i can save to a uv map so i can texture the landing pad for a saiyan space pod
  13. Darth Revan

    how to save the uv map

    i am using ms3d and i am trying my hand at mapping but i need to know how i can save to a uv map so i can texture the landing pad for a saiyan space pod
  14. Skyrider

    MoTW :: Ready's New Dragon Map

    Sorry for the small delay guys, but here's the MoTW (Movie of the Week) of Ready's new map, where a dragon is flying through the map. Pretty nicely made.
  15. Viper

    A map concept for TS

    Long time no post :) At least here. Started working on another Naruto based map for TS, this one made purely for dueling. More info in the clip.
  16. S

    time chamber map

    i'm trying to edit the sky texture of the timechamber_map(1.3) so it can have the sky textures from the rosat map(old version of time chamber) that it's totaly white. but i don't know how to. please help me!
  17. Viper

    Just Another TSNRP Map Model and the map are made by me. The tree model by davidskiwan (i think) And the textures (except the ground) are from TS wads.
  18. donnierisk

    New map, no name at the moment

    Hello all, well I made a new map, sorry, not a community map though ^^ Here are some pics, C & C is welcome, if you want, please help me to get a suitable name, I want to add something special to this map, I don't know what though, if anyone can come up with something(except for a cave :p)...
  19. Viper

    Animated models in a 1.2 map

    I know that in 1.3 maps can have animated models, but ppl have told me that in 1.2 it's not possible. But i recently saw Kong Kong's "Kai's planet" map, and there's that old guy running about. I was wondering about how did he do that.
  20. M

    Weird Arena Map

    It's been a while since I've worked on a map. This map is still a work in progress, though most of the things that need to be added are small things. There's also a number of bugs I need to fix, though nothing major at the moment. I haven't checked the r_speeds yet, but I'm fearing the worse if...